Staycation: The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences

This wasn’t my first visit to The Picasso. I attended an art exhibit at this hotel last year, and also had dinner at their Brasserie Boheme on the same day. It was, however, my first time to stay in.

Pictured above is a photo of their facade.
Below is the actual facade. This is a photo I took as I walked towards the building.

What made me curious about spending time here was the fact that this used to be where writer Jessica Zafra lived, when it was still a rickety old apartment building and not the pretty boutique hotel that it is now.

A lot about this hotel screams art, from the lobby to the elevators and to the actual corridors.

Above photo: A collage hanging by the stairs of the lobby.

Below: The corridor of the floor I stayed in. You’ll be able to see small bits of artwork hanging on some of the walls.

Below: You can even mistake the room numbers for paintings if you don’t look at them up close.

Upon entry, the first thing I checked out was the bathroom. It’s small but spacious, with the toilet area to the left, the lavatory in the middle, and the shower area to the right.

Oh and…I must not forget to mention that it has its own kitchen. Incidentally, a dear friend of min, film maker Elvert Bañares, celebrated his birthday on the same day and also at The Picasso. Funny thing was that he checked in when I checked out. A shame I did not see his invitation for dinner until 1AM because he utilized the kitchen!

The room is wildly vibrant with bold, contrasting colors.

I love how spacious it is, despite the fact that looks like a small hotel. Can I just say that I love this place? I like it more than the higher-starred hotels I’ve stayed in because it was so cozy and homey that it makes me wish I actually lived here!

They make provisions for workaholic people. I was tempted to work but I ended up lying in bed and surfing Facebook the entire time.

I also love that it has a balcony. I mean, the view is not much but I appreciate the fact that I can observe people and gaze at trees if I stood right here.

The really take their devotion to the arts seriously. I mean, check out the tissue holder below. The trash can underneath the desk had the same abstract pattern. Of course, I don’t have to take a photo of that since you get the idea.

Ordered room service at night. I thought at first that the price was typical hotel pricing, just a tad cheaper, but when I saw the servings…Whoa!

Pictured below: Vegetable curry and corned beef stew with steamed rice.

Just to give you an idea how filling the corned beef stew is:

What you’re seeing above is already half of the corned beef. I thought I’d faint from overeating.

The next day, I availed of the free complimentary breakfast at Brasserie Boheme. I’d take a closer photo of the buffet but the offerings aren’t photogenic and I don’t have the necessary photographic skills needed to make them blog-worthy, haha!

It’s not like I could eat that much anyway. My stomach has been very moody the past week and I’ve been having acid attacks. Since I woke up extremely hungry, I only ate a bit of this:

And a bit of dessert:

Overall? I didn’t want to leave. I seriously think an overnight stay isn’t enough. The fact that it’s located in the hidden areas of Makati CBD, but is still located near parks, banks, the Ayala Triangle and some other important establishments makes it the perfect staycation place.

The Picasso is located at:
119 L.P. Leviste St.
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Philippines 1227
T: +63 2 828.4774
F: +63 2 828.9141


  1. animetric

    May 28, 2014 at 11:06 am

    The corned beef looks really yummy… how much for a night?

  2. skysenshi

    May 28, 2014 at 2:05 pm

    Around 5K+ Keribells na. Pero ansarap magbabad sa kanya eh. 😀 I like that it has a very spacious balcony.

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