Suggested Gifts for the Graduates

March and April are the months when most seniors in the Philippines graduate. Being a part-time faculty for two colleges that both have trimestral schedules, we either have them earlier or much later. In any case, I was asked to check out Lazada‘s shop to see if I could find ideal gift suggestions.

To be honest, the gifts I picked were ones I actually would like myself. Hehehe, but I’m pretty sure my own students would more or less have the same tastes (since we’re all from the video game development industry anyway). So let’s start off with the gadget I coveted most:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom C101 Android

I have been eyeing this since it first came out but I had just bought my Note at that time. I tested out its features and can I just say…Wow. I fell in love with it at first handling. XD

Here’s an objective and very helpful review of the product:


Next: Fling Game Controller for iPad And Tablets

Seriously. I love playing RPGs and I love how they’re now so accessible to Android and iOS devices without me having to spend ridiculous amounts for cumbersome plug-in gaming consoles. My only gripe? It’s that it’s difficult for me to navigate terrains when I’m using touchscreen. I need something a little bit more tactile. So yeah, this seems like a handy solution.

For the guys: Lioele Have to Men Set

Now that graduates will be braving a whole new world (it could be college for high school graduates, and the real world for university graduates), they will have to pay extra attention to grooming. This gift set seems perfect.

For the girls: Claudia Women’s Watch 9142D

Truth be told, the only accessories I don’t mind wearing are watches. They can be pretty, but most importantly, functional. I’m not sure how many non-game dev girls are into watches as much as I am but I seriously find it easier to glance at my wrist (especially when a meeting is going overtime) than pressing a button on my phone and waiting for it to light up just to check the time.

Lastly: Figliarina Backpack D2518

Much to my fashionista sister’s consternation, I have not outgrown my backpack phase. They’re practical and easy to carry. And if you work for the game development industry, you will hardly see a woman who’s not wearing a backpack. So ok, if you’re a fashionista/geek, let me offer a compromise:

I guess this bag is pretty enough to be considered “mature” but handy enough to be considered practical.

So far these are my gift suggestions. I hope these can help out parents/boyfriends/girlfriends/relatives who have graduating loved ones. Have fun shopping!

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