Manila Rush Endless Runner Game

I think I mentioned in my previous blog entry that Anino Games has launched an endless runner game during the Manila Game Jam 2014 at the Globe Labs.

It’s been 10 years since Anino’s first game, Anito, was released. It was actually the game that made me join the company 3 years ago and though I had left last year, I was still hoping that the pioneer game development studio in the Philippines would go back to its roots: indie game development and love for Philippine culture.

That was why I was so happy to see a preview of this when I revisited the studio (which I actually do from time to time because I miss it, haha).

LOL, taking screenshots from an endless runner game is not easy. Dayum. In any case, the goal is to get Miguel to work on time by making him run the streets of Manila (jumping on cars, going underneath tunnels, and earning money while he’s at it). The character is obviously based on one of Anino’s best artists, Miguel Abarintos. Haha!

Aaaand I suck at endless runner games.

There are still a few kinks that can be noticed when swiping the game but the studio is working hard on fixing those. Also, they seem to have more features planned. I’m excited to see the updates.

If you want to see better gameplay than what I’ve been doing, just watch the video:


Manila Rush is available on Android. iOS version should be out in a month.

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