Freeway presents Juan Luna

Super backlog! I wasn’t able to attend the Freeway Presents Juan Luna event at the Lopez Museum and it was one that I had been looking forward to for two reasons: (1) Because it’s a “Freeway National Artist Collection” event and (2) because it was held at the Lopez Museum. Reading the press kit isn’t the same as actually breathing in the works of Juan Luna.

If you are Filipino and you tell me that you have never heard of Juan Luna, I will have to ask you what rock you’ve been living under. His art works (painting, sculpting) and political activism (and that dark part about him killing his wife and mother-in-law) had been ingrained in our consciousness since we were little kids in elementary school. He also happens to be one of the first Philippine artists to ever gain recognition.

First, let’s look at the things that can be found in the Lopez Museum.

Above: “De Moluccis Insulis” by Maximilianus Transylvanus, 1524

Above: Murillo Velarde Map, 1744

Above: “Per Pacem et Libertatem” by F.R. Hidalgo, oil on canvas, 1903

And here are some of the clothes and accessories from Freeway’s tribute to the National Artist. You’ll find that Juan Luna’s masterpieces have been fused with them.

Above: These particular paintings are two of the pieces I wanted to see. A friend of mine posted them on Facebook when she did visit Lopez Museum some couple of months back.

Aaand here are the clothes I really like:

Lastly, there’s an ongoing exhibit at the Lopez Museum and Library, which will end on December 20, 2013. If you guys have the time, do check it out. I’m scheduling a visit myself. πŸ™‚


  1. Sheryl Ramos

    December 5, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    There's a saying that “When God closes a door, He opens a window”. This has came true when the American company I was working for closed their office in Manila last August which left me and my colleagues unemployed. However, this has given me the opportunity to go overseas when my aunt who's living in Melbourne sponsored me to come to Australia. Going to Australia has been my dream since I was a child and after many years, it finally came true!

  2. Astra

    December 6, 2013 at 5:19 am

    The most important thing I learned this year is to be sensitive to other people's situations. As we all know, typhoon Yolanda devastated the Visayas area. Even if we're not really affected here in Manila, we should do everything we can to help them.

  3. Jasper Santiago

    December 9, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    My Q&A style Reflection for 2013

    Hope you guys would enjoy reading this.

    β€œLife can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

    1. What worked in my life this past year? What did not work?

    What worked for me is the need to adapt since it is my first year college. I also think that use of technology in learning worked for me.

    What did not work for me is my time management skills I think I can improve it further because i still cram at times. A planner can really help me in this.

    2. What brought me happiness/disappointment?

    What brought me happiness are my loved ones and my friends because even if I'm tired I get relieved when I bond with them

    What brought me disappointment are the negative that the media is spreading because these kind of news really make me feel bad or out of mood.

    3. Where was I successful?

    I think I'm successful with my transition from high school into college. Because I know I got mentally and emotionally prepared. Thanks to our retreats.

    4. What were my greatest challenges/lessons?

    This year my greatest challenge is being departed from my classmates because I've been with them for about 13 years. Though I already gone through with it and I had new friends now.

    Greatest lessons would be:
    – We can't tell if something is going to happen so we should be always prepared
    – We should always be thankful on what we have no matter what how small it is
    – We should value or loved ones every single time

    5. What am I most proud of ? What do I most regret?

    I'm proud of myself because I think I am following my dreams and I have done many improvements this past year.

    I most regret is declining some opportunities that came my way

    6. What attitudes and actions will I take with me into the new year? Which ones do I want to keep in this year?

    I want to bring the thought of finding my real happiness and finding my true self.

    I want to keep the attitude of thinking positively because no matter what will happen, we can recover from it by just not giving up.

    7. When did I follow my intuition?

    I followed my intuition when I chose what to take up in college. I think my intuition is working very well. πŸ™‚

    8. How did I grow, improve, and expand myself?

    I did grow/expand myself by simply thinking about the welfare of others. We should not only think of ourselves but also to the ones around us.

    9. How much love did I share?

    I think I've shared above sufficient love because this year I got involved into charitable work , community service, and simple acts like donating and giving food to out of school youth. Besides, I realized that I should value every single second with my loved ones.

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