Back to school groove with Zanea shoes

Back to school!! Hahaha! It’s not like I actually experienced sem break. It’s pretty rare for trimestral schools to have sem breaks. And I’m a college professor who teaches in two trimestral schools. Today is finals week and then classes start next week. Anyway…

I had been on the lookout for really comfy low heeled shoes. A couple of months back, I remember lamenting that Philippine shoemakers seem to only make two kinds: those with super flat heels or those with sky high heels. Gosh. That’s torture for university professors like me. I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy standing (while doing lectures) for hours on high heels.

So when I saw low-heeled shoes on display at Landmark, I felt like I had dug into a gold mine.

The brand is Zanea. I actually went crazy and bought myself 3 pairs, ranging from P699 to P899. There were so many styles to choose from! The particular pair pictured above was very much like my old Grendha jelly shoes. Except I don’t trip much because Zanea’s heels are a lot stabler.

This nude pair is my “everyday pair”. That’s the thing with nude shoes. You can wear virtually anything — from shorts, to skirts, to pants — and your outfit would still match the shoes.

And then here’s my favorite pair:

I love how pink it is. And flattering, too. The only downside is that since the heels are considerably higher at 2.5″, they’re designed to hug the lower part of your ankles to keep you steady. This means that when it’s new, you will have to put some band-aids around the back of your feet.

Shockingly enough, Zanea shoes are comfy. It’s rare for me to find comfy shoes because my feet are so weird, even low-heeled Naturalizer shoes hurt after some time. With this pair, as long as I wear band-aids, I’d be fine. I can stand in class for three hours and not feel tired.

Aaaand I’d pair this with one of my favorite satchel bags.

I forgot the name of the store I found this in. Haha! I just happened to pass by it on the MRT3 to LRT2 route in Farmer’s Plaza, Cubao. And that’s not even a route I frequent. It’s just that that path leads to my toga maker.

Anyhoo, I think satchels and low heels are perfect for college professors like me. A satchel looks serious, but when it comes in fun colors, it will keep you from looking like Gokusen‘s Yankumi (or Ms. Tapia for those of you who grew up in the Iskul Bukol era).

As for low-heeled shoes, I really like them. They kinda put a distinction between me and the students, who usually wear either flats or rubber shoes. So now I know where I’d be buying them from. Hopefully, Zanea never stops making them.


  1. MrsMartinez |

    September 11, 2013 at 9:51 am

    Hi Bea

    I see the brand every time. I will check it out to see if I like the fit.


  2. skysenshi

    September 11, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    Di siya mukhang matibay but they're pretty comfy for running from one building to the next haha. Gawaing teacher. 😀

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