League of Legends Rampage Part 1: Razer Philippines

Skysenshi’s NOTE: I got an invitation from Razer Philippines to cover the League of Legends Rampage 2013 event. My students gladly volunteered to represent me so the next two blog entries will be coming from my students, writing as my guest bloggers. Anyway, here’s the first part of their Rampage adventure.

Razer. For Gamers. By Gamers.

By Guest Bloggers:
Thaddeus Brillantes , Danica Esguerra, Jaryd Ramos & Gillian Tan

Razer is a privately held computer peripherals manufacturer specializing in products specifically marketed to gamers.

I bet you didn’t know the definition did you?

Anyway, a much awaited event for all League of Legends players in the Philippines. Held at Halls 1 and 2 of the SMX Convention in SM Mall of Asia on August 10, 2013, thousands of League players flooded the venue in hopes of attaining the prizes in-store by GarenaPH.

This annual event was called Rampage!

We got inside the venue and we first notice a line was forming in a booth. What booth is that? Yep, Razer.

Above photo: Getting your information.

We asked the guy over here, behind the computer, named Bryan or Brian, I don’t know the official spelling. He said this computer stores all the names and information of the customer – you have the option, too, you aren’t forced and there’s a lot of people falling in line for this – and sends out alerts when and where their next event/booth would be. Pretty neat and organized, huh?

Here’s the booth on another angle. Notice the small table on the side? This is where the magic begins. The purchase booth, Razer has a wide variety of gadget just for you. 
From systems to peripherals, to software, to accessories, and a lot more to choose from, though in this Rampage event Razer only sold mouse and headset but in a discounted price. Awesome!

Bryan was nervous when we asked him if we could interview him, it seems my cameraman too!

As you can see, Kuya is very busy!

Many people are patiently waiting for their turn to purchase a mouse or a headset, even both. I notice a mother who had two of her sons with her, she bought them each one a merchandise, both kids were smiling from ear to ear.

We even caught one of the players using a Razer bag.

Sorry, Kuya, stolen shot po!

With every awesome purchase you get to have this paper bag, comes with a freebie too!

So why Razer?

We were puzzled on why Razer product is the best for gamers, both pro and non-pro, but now we know. After interviewing the guys handling the Razer booth, they told us is that Razer products improve your gaming because it can be customized depending on the player’s preferences. The player can assign a button on the keyboard or on the mouse with a corresponding skill or item they want to use. It is very handy on games like League of Legends, DotA and even Heroes of New Earth. It gives the edge the player needs to excel the gaming capabilities. Lastly Razer keyboard and mouse is soft to the touch which makes it more responsive and easy to press for players.

Also Razer products helps handicapped players, such us those with only one arm. There is an article which I read on the net where Razer made a mouse for handicapped players to give them the edge that they needed. It is nice that they make this products for not just for any people but for all people whether you have two arms or one, right handed or left handed, they really care for all the gamers.

Truly, Razer is for gamers, by gamers.

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