BRTC Whitening and Repairing BB Cream

Holla, girls! Looks like I’m going to be doing at least one BB cream review per week until I finish the stash that was sent to me by The Beauty and Cosmetic Shop. I’ve already previously reviewed two of their products, Gold Caviar and Blemish Recover Balm, though I think I’ll re-review them in-depth at the end of this series because it’s been half a decade since I last used them. Anyway, let’s start with what the ones I’ve just recently tried.

BRTC Whitening and Repairing BB Cream. It says here that it’s a “Multifunctional Cream with Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle Effect Creating Natural Looking”. LOL. That reads like an anti-climactic sentence with bad capitalization.

Anyway, it has SPF37 / PA++, which I think is good enough for what I call a “tinted sunblock”. So let’s see what it offers…Um. I’m actually afraid to let you go through the “Read more” parts because of the obligatory selfies, but meh.

What I did was that I took a photo of my face with half of it covered with the BB cream and the other half bare. Since the bathroom lightning was too bright, I’ve encircled the middle ground so that you can scrutinize the difference between my skin tone and the cream’s color. The left is the side with the BB.

Upon initial application, it leaves a white cast, as you can see below.

Can you say, “White Lady”? Gosh. It doesn’t look much different from when I put on sunblock because it makes me look whiiiiiiite. It seems a little bit matte here, but this actually has a dewy finish in real life.

Anyway, I usually walk a few minutes from my condo to my work place so I had hoped that the white cast would settle. Here’s a photo of me after the walk.

Bleh. I hate taking selfies but I think the white cast has disappeared and eased into my natural skin color. I like how the walk gives my cheeks a bit of a glow, even though this is such an awkward picture. -_-;;;

Ok, so I put on the BB cream at 11AM. Worked from 11.30ish to about 3.30-4PM before I ran off to teach at the College of Saint Benilde. My class starts at 6PM and ends at 9PM. I took another photo of myself as soon as I got home from an unbelievably stressful day.

This is me at 9.30PM. I don’t know if it’s too obvious in this photo but I had a very bad day. Nothing was going great because there were issues in my game development, the book I am currently working on and even during class, which I usually enjoy, something frustrating happened to one of my beloved students. So this smile, I don’t know how I managed it.

It surprisingly doesn’t look oily (I have combination skin) despite the day’s stress. This makes it just about as good as my favorite BRTC product, theĀ Blemish Recover Balm. I don’t remember it being particularly strong smelling, so that’s a plus.

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