Chill Times at Harbor Square with Elvert

Every time I meet up with my very good friend, film director Elvert Dela Cruz Bañares, our place to chill is Harbor Square, which sits right across the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Well, there was a time when we’d have lunch or snacks at Army Navy there but since we’re both practicing moderation in eating, we’re now keeping our luncheon meetings at healthier options.

Anyway, I celebrated my birthday with him (on the exact date, weee) last month in the area. I actually forgot that it was my birthday and he told me, during our meeting, that it was. Hahaha!

Why do we love Harbor Square so much? Well, for one thing, conversations with Elvert are always intellectually stimulating and intellectually stimulating conversations must have a great backdrop: the Manila Bay.

Except you don’t see much of it in this photo. The best location, really, is Army Navy…or the smoking area of Starbucks, but unfortunately, it’s hot as Hades outside.

Enjoying some Starbucks desserts over good conversation.

Despite the nutritional value at the back of that fruits cup, I ain’t buying that again. It’s overpriced.

We met again last Monday before his trip to Singapore. We used to meet up more often, especially when I was still living in the area and we were less busy (by “less busy” that means we were still teaching part-time and our clients were mostly local). He has so many clients abroad now that I can barely get hold of him lately!  

Love this guy! Probably one of the rare ones that I can discuss anything under the sun with, be it art, film, comic books, technology, teaching philosophies and other topics we can apply repartees to.

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