Escolta at The Peninsula Manila

It’s been a while since I have been to a hotel buffet and today was a treat, since it’s a special day. Been meaning to try The Peninsula Manila’s offerings and ended up getting reservations for their restaurant Escolta, which combines the feel of Old Manila and our new world.

What greeted us upon entering is this lovely picture of old Escolta that encompassed the entire right wall:

The place is actually quite small and very cozy, so don’t expect much by way of options when it comes to the buffet.

Well, it’s not like I could taste all the selections offered anyway. This has always been my regret when I go to places like Sofitel’s Spiral and Shangri-La’s Circles. There are so many selections but my stomach can only handle only a fourth of the entire buffet. I think Escolta is just about right.

On my first round, I went for a mixture of Japanese sushi and a few salads. I went crazy with the prawns and salmon, actually, though it’s not very obvious here.

For my second round, I went straight to the carving station where they served delicious roast beef that melts in your mouth. I requested for medium rare. Roast beef + mint jelly = <3

I’m not quite sure what this other meat is. I could have sworn the label was duck but it tasted a lot like pork…and I don’t normally eat pork.

I should have gone for the bread first but I only remembered it when I was looking for something lighter. Creamy butter, yum!

For dessert part one, I got two types of cheese, some slices of honeydew and some fruit dipped in the chocolate fondue.

For dessert part two…I loooooove the ice cream! I got tiramisu and strawberry. I like how fruity the strawberry tasted like. It wasn’t very creamy, which served as a nice contrast to the richness of the tiramisu. Lovely!

Escolta is located at the side of The Peninsula Manila that faces Ayala Triangle, where the former Filipinas Heritage Library lies. The buffet costs about P1550 per head. Not bad, considering the service and the ambience.

The best part about this? The location. I was so full, I felt like the food has already reached my throat. It was a good thing that Ayala Triangle is conducive to jogging and walking so we walked a few rounds, and then walked all the way home. Fullness problem solved!

And yeah…just had to have a photo of me right smack in the middle of Ayala Triangle’s park.

Escolta is located at:
The Peninsula Manila
Corner of Ayala and Makati Avenues.
1226 Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
+632 887 2888

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