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This lovely graphic quote was taken from the Dynastea Blends Facebook page. Pretty quotes like this constantly greet me when I check my newsfeed and I have to admit, their vibrant and cheerful colors brighten up my day.

Would you believe that this milk tea business is owned by a former chef and a game designer? The former chef, Jaycee Santos, used to work for Sentro, while the game designer, Dino Diaz, was one of my most brilliant developers in Anino Games. They were childhood friends. More on this cute story in a while…

When my former office mates and I found out that Dino was putting up a milk tea business in SM North Edsa, we immediately set up a meeting.

This is what the kiosk looks like. It’s so cute, I’d bite it if I could!

Here’s Sao asking Dino about his tea flavors and probably about the story of the business as well.

Both Dino and Jaycee weren’t really that much into milk tea, but their girlfriends were. Aileen, Dino’s girlfriend, is so addicted to milk tea that I would usually ask her for recommendations on flavors and brands before Dynastea came into being. Aileen’s nickname in the office is very much indicative of her passion for this beverage. In Anino Games, Aileen is called “Milk Tea”. (She also happens to be the artist behind all those cute quotes and trivia graphics.)

So when Dino and Jaycee thought of putting up a business, the answer was clear: it had to be milk tea. The girlfriends were very very willing taste testers.

For this particular visit, here are some of the flavors we tried.

Left: Wintermelon Cobbler. It’s topped with rocksalt and cheese plus polvoron bits. I love wintermelon and since the fruit has a naturally sweet taste, you can actually request for zero (0) level sugar.

Right: Monkey Caramel. This one seems to be everyone’s favorite. It’s milk tea topped with banana chips and caramel. Yum!

Here’s Felix with his Monkey Caramel. He was actually the first one among us to visit Dynastea blends. He makes it a habit to drop by after a long day of game programming.

Left:  Choc o’ nuts. This was a pleasant surprise. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate but I go gaga over Chocnut. What we have here is a blend of chocolate milk tea topped with rocksalt and cheese, crushed peanut candy and chocolate syrup. This is now my favorite. Love! <3

Right: Matcha Mint. Dino suggested aloe vera sinkers for this one. Very healthy! Here’s a little trivia about matcha, again presented in a very cute graphical quote.

Here are their current available drinks.

All of these are served freshly brewed.

The sweet tooth blends listed above are Dynastea’s bestsellers.

Here we were, the first ones to arrive: Charles, Ellie, Dino and Felix with our beverages of choice.

The complete gang, with the owners: Charles, Felix, Ellie, Sao, Dino and Jaycee.

Totally enjoyed the milk tea flavors. I have to be honest and say that their milk tea concepts actually excite me. I’ve already tried so many milk tea shops (they’re everywhere!) but I can only name three brands that I would actually fully endorse. Dynastea is one of the three. I’m actually hoping that they’d expand because I want one near me.

Dynastea is located at:
SM City North SM City North EDSA Annex 1 Tunnel Quezon City
Email dynasteablends@gmail.com
Website https://twitter.com/dynasteablends
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dynasteablends


  1. MrsMartinez

    March 19, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    Yey! I want to try Wintermelon Cobbler and un Monkey Caramel. Actually all four drinks that you featured hehehe It's near lang ; )


  2. Dino Gerard Diaz

    March 19, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    Thanks sa pag feature ng Dynastea! 🙂

  3. skysenshi

    March 19, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    Walang anuman! Na-excite ako sa flavors, tapos ang galing pa ng art so shempre naglalaway ako every time may update ang FB news feeds. Haha!

  4. skysenshi

    March 19, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    Oo nga! Ang lapit mo lang sa SM North!! Yung Wintermelon matamis na siya even without sugar. Yung Monkey Caramel, hinahabol ng lahat. Hahaha!

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