Botan: Bubble Tea Cafe

Botan is actually one of my favorite spots ever since I moved to Makati. I usually hang out here at night, after a long day, and treat myself to a tall cold glass of Green Tea Milk Tea (which is white and tastes like flowers with milk).

But tonight, my friend and I thought we should try their meals as well. First, I tried a different kind of drink. This time it’s a hot pot of Pearl Milk tea (P135).

I find this set so adorable! The candle below the pot ensures that your tea remains hot. I also appreciated the teaspoon that went with this. I normally have difficulty  getting tapioca pearls into my straw, but no such problem exists when you’re using a teaspoon.

Chicken Chops (P220). I’m not quite sure what those side veggies are, but the one on the left is mildly spiced. The one on the right is cucumber, I think.

Chicken Fried Rice (P165). Despite my sucky tablet camera’s icky shot, this is surprisingly good! It’s just chewy and definitely very filling.

The thing about Botan is that I never see customers ordering the same thing and I find myself getting curious as to what the other patrons order. I’d like to try that huge bowl of noodle soup or those flavorful-looking crepes that I saw a couple of patrons enjoying…and maybe take photos of them sometime.

Botan Bubble Tea Cafe is located at 252 Sen Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City.


  1. skysenshi

    January 12, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    Ooh! You were able to find it? When I started living in that area, it took me a while before I noticed it. Haha!

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