Guardians for October 2012

Wow. Didn’t know that the guessing game for this session is going to be slightly difficult. We actually only have one winner because he was the only one who got all three correct. BUT I’m still rewarding two runner-ups for the best captions submitted.

First things first, the identification of the three guardians:

  • Charmander from the role-playing game Pokémon
  • Om Nom from the casual game “Cut the Rope”
  • ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam / Freedom / X10A –> this turned out to be the most difficult guardian to identify because it closely resembles Strike Freedom (X20A), whom it preceded. The difference between the two models is that Freedom’s HiMAT wings (pictured below) have ten parts/blades/talons(?) while Strike Freedom’s wings have eight. Of course, since the Strike Freedom is newer, it is the more powerful mobile suit and all eight parts of its wings are detachable.
And now, the winners:

Captioned by Jonathan Lansang, who guessed all three correctly. He gets Starbucks gift certificates worth P500.

Runner-up Molly Tamola Velasco, who guessed two correctly and also came up with a winning caption. She gets Starbucks gift certificates worth P200.

Runner-up Emiliana Sison, who also guessed two correctly and whose caption wins as well. She gets Starbucks gift certificates worth P200.

For the winners, you can send me a private message via my FB page, Skysenshi’s Hermitage. I will ask for your phone number, mailing and email addresses.

Congratulations and I hope y’all had fun with this contest! Thanks for participating!!! =^.^=

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