Guess the Guardian for July 2011

I think I’m going to make a habit of this Guess the Guardian thing, although that would depend on how many times my office desk guardian changes. Hehe. Last month, I had my first Guess the Guardian spur-of-the-moment contest (because I was so aliw). I suppose it’s my way of saying that, hey, I’m still here even if I’ve been consumed by work. Even my studies became secondary to my work (in fact, my thesis has changed entirely and I’m now focusing on games that my clients play).

Anyhoo, so here’s my Guardian for June 2011:

Here’s a little bit of a clue: Even though there are five robotic cats in the picture, they form only one entity. Right now the universe she defends is mine. (I insist that these are female robots because they have no hair. Cats of these type only have hair when they’re male. LOL.)

I’m going to modify the mechanics for a bit this month. The first time around, I awarded the first person who guessed correctly. This time around, I’m awarding the most informative guesser who posts his/her answer on the comment box below.

Let everyone know more about this Guardian. Best answer wins a couple of Starbucks gift certificates. I’ll be judging the winner by Sunday of next week. =^.^=


  1. Ken

    June 20, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    errr can u remove my post and this one. hahaha im worthless :))

  2. Ma. Laarni Berdan

    June 20, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    Answer: Voltron

    There are 3 Voltron variations:

    1. Lion Force Voltron (Voltron of the Far Universe)
        Commander Keith
        Sven (up to Episode 6)
        Princess Allura (Sven's replacement)

    2. Vehicle Voltron (Voltron of the Near Universe)
        Air Team
            Air Team Commander Jeff
        Sea Team
            Sea Team Commander Krik
        Land Team
            Land Team Commander Cliff
            Marvin and Hutch

    3. Gladiator Voltron (Voltron of the Middle Universe)

        The Black, Blue, and Red Gladiators form Voltron in six different combinations, each having a specialty area.

        * Black Gladiator > Blue Gladiator > Red Gladiator — The primary form of Gladiator Voltron, and the form which would have utilized the Gladiator Voltron's Blazing Sword.

        * Black Gladiator > Red Gladiator > Blue Gladiator — This form would have been optimized for use in space.

        * Blue Gladiator > Black Gladiator > Red Gladiator — This form would have been optimized for use in atmospheric flight.

        * Blue Gladiator > Red Gladiator > Black Gladiator — This form would have been optimized for use underground.

        * Red Gladiator > Black Gladiator > Blue Gladiator — This form would have been optimized for use in the water.

        * Red Gladiator > Blue Gladiator > Black Gladiator — This form would have been optimized for rescue actions.

  3. aida (slither1004)

    June 21, 2011 at 3:09 am

    ANSWER: VOLTRON ( 5 LIONS) – a robot that is “loved by good, feared by evil”!

    It is a combining super robot that has captured the imagination of
    children worldwide. Voltron has two different incarnations: one made up
    of five  robotic lions,
    the other of fifteen all-terrain vehicles. The
    lion variation is unquestionably more popular, though the vehicle
    variation still maintains loyal fans.

    Voltron was introduced to the world in 1984 with the animated TV program Voltron: Defender of the Universe which started with 3 series, the Lion Force – Voltron of
    the Far Universe (five robot lions), the Vehicle Force – Voltron of the
    Near Universe ( fifteen all-terrain vehicles) and the Gladiator Force – Voltron of the MIddle Universe (three combinable robots) which is unproduced. Next is the Voltron Movie Special aired in 1986, The Lion Force/Vehicle Force crossover special and in 1998 the Voltron: The Third Dimension, a CGI sequel to Voltron Lion Force. And now  Voltron returns for a new generation this 2011, the VOLTRON FORCE! The series follows the exploits of a group of five young cadets brought
    together under trying circumstances to form a newly appointed Voltron
    Lion Squad dubbed the “Voltron Force”.

    Its funny how that Voltron has stayed popular, spawning multiple toylines, a 1990s
    series, and a multiple comics series. Shout-outs to Voltron persist in pop culture, and a live-action
    motion picture is in development.

    Aida Villanueva

  4. marge88

    June 21, 2011 at 3:23 am

    Answer  :  Volton
    Name    :  Margaret S. Chan
    email    :

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