Jatujak at MoA with Elvert, Jet and Cris

Last Friday was spent hanging out at SM Mall of Asia, after a grueling panel defense for Elvert‘s video thesis class.

*Sigh* Sometimes I think there are waaaay too many restaurants that I have difficulty knowing what I want to eat. Cris and I decided to go for Thai, since I haven’t had Thai in years. Elvert and Jet followed suit.

Tom yum = yum yum!!

I had been craving for Tom Yum soup for months, but I never really had an opportunity to go Thai since I’m bombarded with fast food daily. -_-;

I actually liked how mild this was. Or maybe the waiter heard me say I wanted it mild, since I’m not into spicy dishes.

Bagoong rice. This is pretty filling.

I’m not sure what this is but Jet ordered it. Looks like pork salad to me. Hehe.

Chicken pandan, for the win!

Uh, there were four of those spring rolls but I sorta forgot to take a photo before diving into them.

Happy couples, charing!

Ok, there’s your photo of a complete spring roll set. Elvert is a lot more alert when it comes to food photography. Haha!

As for the service, I’d quote Elvert: “The theme of the dinner was Asian so we all went Jatujak where the food is yumyum and the waiters have amnesia (how many times do we have to do ‘follow-up’?)”

They actually gave Cris the wrong drink and forgot to give her the right one. I think they came to their senses when she started choking. (Joke!)

Credits: Photos marked with that blue icon (ones that do not bear the skysenshi watermark) are taken by Elvert and Jet.

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