Random Inspirations | Missha Raffle Winner Round 2

Because I had been really busy with the joint art & design blog I share with Cris, I didn’t feel like updating this blog…even though I’ve got lots of stories stored in my camera. I also don’t think I’ve given myself enough of a breather since my last semester of course work just ended. I just jumped into the next project…which is, of course, my joint exhibit with Rebie Ramoso (target: December 2010).

Anyway, I was waiting for my friends at Café Breton in Alabang Westgate when I noticed the restaurant’s coaster. It was such a charming little thing.

Quite a gentle reminder to enjoy life. I know it’s quite difficult for workaholics to slow down and we somehow always end up burning ourselves out. We need to breathe — we just tend to forget how.

Speaking of life’s little enjoyments, I’m now announcing the Missha raffle winner for the second round. I kind of feel sorry for the girl that followed #1 because her name came up 2nd and 3rd, but random is random.

And our winner is:

Congratulations, Nacho Bing! Please PM me in Facebook (or use this site’s contact form) and provide me with your mailing address so I can ship this off to you ASAP.

I haven’t heard from our previous winner, MommyLove Bytes ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠, so I’ll keep the list of names on the spreadsheet up and re-draw the raffle if she doesn’t respond by November 15. Am still cooking up more contests, based on my readers’ survey answers, so stay tuned.

EDIT: MommyLove Bytes finally responded. But I’m still keeping the list up. I’m OC that way. Hehe.

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