Women – An Exhibit by UP Alumni Artists


I had nearly forgotten about this and was only reminded of it today, when I dropped by the UP Bahay ng Alumni and saw that the exhibit is still up. (It’s been there since the First Philippine Game Development Festival. Meep!) I hope I’m not too late and this show would still be around tomorrow.

Women, as its title suggests, is a tribute to women by the UP Alumni Artists. The only thing I don’t like about this exhibit is probably the venue itself. While I love the Bahay ng Alumni — I eat there every so often — the place is too…sunny for art shows. There are times when I squinted just to appreciate details. (I think my photos show my dilemma. *Sigh* It’s like I have this ghastly flash following me around.)

Anyway, here are some of the works.

“She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore” by Pete Jimenez (Sculpture)
This is the first thing that greeted me.

Many depictions of women in various jobs, shapes and sizes…

 …And age and state in life…

“Harvest” by Norlie Meimban (Acrylic on canvas)

“Girl with a Cat” by Tessie Duldulao (Pastel)

“Girl Harvesting Grapes” by Amado Hidalgo (Oil)

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