Claparols Holiday 2010 Collection for Ensembles

Last year, Ensembles released a special collection designed by Debbie Co. With its resounding success, Ensembles now teams up with Louis Claparols for the special 2010 Holiday collections.

The first time I saw the collection, I was not quite sure that I could pull any of its looks off. I thought the styles are very art-deco, retro and too sophisticated to suit a shirt-and-jeans, always-on-the-go gal like me. Plus, the clothes are modeled by timeless Carmina Villaroel, who’s exactly my opposite in the color department. 

Clearly, I lack the imagination that my stylist sister has, because it wasn’t until I viewed the product shots — with pieces creatively mixed and matched — that I saw I could actually wear them.

I’m a huge fan of booties and leggings and I’ve been longing for a layered look that’s age-appropriate and comfy at the same time. I also have problems dealing with our corporate dress code, since I belong to the Multimedia Arts department. This collection just might be able to provide that balance between art and business.

These outfits could make me look ultra feminine or give me that power butch aura, depending on how I wear them. I’m aiming for a flexible androgynous look this year and I think the collection will definitely fit this plan.

This inherent versatility should come as no surprise, since Louis Claparols burst into the fashion scene through his assortment of embellished jeans. He later ventured on to sportswear-inspired wardrobe, which I think explains why his designs are so flexible (while maintaining their uniqueness).

To learn more about this young fashion genius and his collaboration with Ensembles, you can go and visit the Special Holiday Collection 2010 website.

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