Inspiring stories from the International Literacy Day contest winners

Finally, we’ve come to the conclusion of our International Literacy Day contest. I got worried that since this is an FB likes contest, people are going to rig it. Thank goodness, our participants are all honest (and after reading their entries, I can’t imagine anyone will try to cheat).

I am very happy that despite the advancement of technology, our young ones are still reading books. If not books, they still find other means to ensure that they remain literate. I hope these entries would inspire the rest of the world to follow suit.

Anyway, let’s now proceed to the announcement of the contest winners.

Our first prize goes to:

Jameela Malicdem
Her Inspiration: The Best of Youngblood – a compilation of articles by the young people from Philippine Daily Inquirer. 

She says: “Just when I started to discover my love for writing, this book was given to me. It has taught me to embrace other’s experiences, learn from them and appreciate their sacrifices, pains, joys and dreams. Not only did I learn to write well; I also learned to write my own story with a strong and determined voice.” Read what other people say about her entry here.

Second Prize goes to:

Blanche Agatha Liwanag
Her Inspiration: Collection of Candy Magazines

She says: “Here’s a photo of me and a June 2000 issue of Candy Magazine. Since I was Seven years old, I found myself reading my elder sister’s collection of Candy Magazines. Sounds weird, but it really helped me a lot to improve my literacy. I found this stuff very interesting to read, especially their self-improvement articles. :)” Read what other people say about her entry here.

All entries are surprisingly good! And even though I only have two official winners, I would like to feature the tops 3 and 4.

Third placer:

Toney Sevilla
His Inspiration: This book is entitled “Origami” written and prepared by Paul Jackson.

He says: “…This book inspired me to become an artist today. Because of origami, it somehow helped me to create things from scratch. Plus, I learned through this book about following instructions to achieve results….” Read his complete story here.

Fourth placer:

Zerah Mercado
Her Inspiration: The Bible

She says: “Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body. But This is. A five letter word that changes my life every single day. A book that when read over and over again, will always have something beneath. For life. Until eternity.” Read what other people say about her entry here.

I was supposed to feature the top five even though there will only be two winners. Unfortunately (or fortunately), after the fourth placer, many of the other entries ended up with the same number of votes. Because of this, I decided to just like to proudly showcase them all. Visit Skysenshi’s International Literacy Day album to see all the heart-warming stories of how our readers achieved literacy.

For the winners, please send me an email with your gift certificate preference (SM or Fully Booked), contact information and mailing address. Stay tuned for more contests from Skysenshi’s Hermitage Facebook Page!


  1. Jameela

    September 1, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    After a month of asking for likes, finally I'm one of the winners! Although I'm not really a fan of 'likes'/popularity contests, I enjoyed this. It was fun and cool because I was able to share to them the connection I have with the book. Actually, just yesterday a friend of mine told me how she wanted to buy one after she saw it.

    Thank you Ms. Beatrice for holding this symbolic contest! Congratulations to the other winners! We deserve it 😉 Happy International Literacy Day!

  2. skysenshi

    September 1, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    You're super welcome. I learned that I am not a fan of likes contests either. I'm lucky my participants are great people. Other contests aren't as fortunate. Ey! I'm glad to hear you inspired someone to read too. 😀

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