Art at the Shang: An Exhibition by the Saturday Group of Artists

Edsa Shangri-La Plaza’s cinemas and mall layout leave a lot to be desired (expensive ticket prices for movie titles that are not updated, confusing floor-by-floor navigation), there’s one thing I love about this mall: how it consistently supports the arts. There’s always an exhibit whenever I drop by. This particular exhibit is by the Saturday Group of Artists.

I asked my colleagues about them and some of my colleagues were surprised to find out that many of the familiar names actually have a group. A friend from UP Fine Arts, on the other hand, told me that this is a group of veteran old timers. This particular exhibition had no (obvious) concept or theme; it’s really more of a showcase of talents.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites:

“Wind” by Martin Honasan (Acrylic)

“Dreams” by Gerrico Blanco (Watercolor)

“First Flight of the Cherubim” by Francis Nacion (Oil)
I swear, my photography could not do justice to the little details that make up this piece.

Untitled by Lydia Velasco (Oil)

There are many other wonderful works of art in this exhibit. I’d much rather you guys pay this a visit so you can see everything. The works I photographed here are also much more beautiful up close.

Here are the details. Got this from their tarpaulin. Hehe. (I am so loving Shin-chan2’s zoom lens, I swear!)

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