Cupcakes!! Frostings and Fruit Magic

I hate the fact that our family is prone to diabetes and yet I have a sweet tooth. I am a cake addict. That addiction includes mini cakes. Hehe.

Anyhoo, went out with Lei and some of the sophomores (Belle, Jam, Roanne and GerGer *snicker*) so some of them can shoot for their DIGIMAG assignments (under Prof. Elvert dela Cruz Bañares) and so that I can buy a protector for Shin-Chan2. (He was already screaming because I kept him inside a girly gold pouch.)  I was hell bent on getting another PSP bag for Shin-Chan2, similar to the one that actually houses my PSP, because of the bag’s compact but spacious insides.  We couldn’t find the exact same PSP bag in Park Square so we ended up walking around SM Makati for a generic case and a Case Logic universal pocket.

 The geeky finds.

By 3PM, Lei and I were the only ones left. We were so exhausted from walking around Park Square, SM Makati and Glorietta that we ended up looking for something to eat. I was craving for something like halo-halo sans the milk.  When I walked around Glorietta Food Choices, however, I found the Frostings cupcake stand.  As I mentioned earlier, I cannot resist cakes.  And cupcakes are just soooo cute!

Clockwise from the front: Red Velvet, Dulce de Leche, 
Lemon Meringue and Braso de Mercedes

Frostings has four categorizations for the sweets: Regular (P40), Premium (P55), Extra Premium (P70), Pie (P45), Fruit (P60).  I forgot which ones here are regular but I remember that Red Velvet is Premium. The funny thing is, out of all the four, the Red Velvet is the most forgettable taste-wise. It was waaaaay too bland. Both the Lemon Meringue — now that flavor has a nice kick — and the Dulce de Leche had fillings. Om nom nom. And the Braso de Mercedes is a good starter, since it has the mildest taste among the four.

Frostings also delivers. The website is at:

 See how fast they all disappeared!!!

I got us some Fruit Magic for drinks.  These are made from fresh fruits and vegetables.  Unlike some other fruit juice stands, which drown their concoctions in syrup, Fruit Magic seems to rely solely on the fruits’ taste. Well, at least my usual orders, which belong in the Pure Nectar category, don’t seem to be syrupy.  These perfectly match the cupcakes.


I got Lei the Body Cleanser (orange, apple, carrot, pineapple and cucumber) and mine was Smooth as Silk (apple, cucumber). I love cucumber. I also go nuts for juices with celery in them. I enjoy the kick of celery.  Here’s the website for Fruit Magic: (Ok, I just realized that their site is very informative; they even have a food encyclopedia!)

Both Frostings and Fruit Magic can be found in Glorietta 4 Food Choices.


  1. papaviktor

    June 27, 2010 at 10:30 am

    you should do a review of all the cupcake vendors in the metro…and when i mean all, i mean ALL! there are tons of small vendors online as well, that would be fun…mountains of cupcakes *drools*…i'll help you with that, LOL!

  2. skysenshi

    June 27, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    I've had two cupcake reviews so far. The other one is Sonja's (which are actually better IMO). This one's pretty good if you're on a budget. Oh, there's another one…I think we should visit that when you get back.

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