Tagaytay’s Bag of Beans

Oh, wow. I am in the process of transferring all my Multiply posts to this platform (I’m leaving my LiveJournal alone) so I get to reminisce about a lot of things along the way.  This particular Tagaytay trip, among so many other Tagaytay trips (we have a house there), struck me.

It was one of the most memorable bonding moments I had with my former APC students Cris, Lei and Lui.  The night before this Bag of Beans sojourn, we were with my other former CSB students Cham, Elena and Elena’s friend Joyce. We parted ways in the morning, so the APC peeps trouped to Bag of Beans for a relaxing merienda. These photos were dated May 11, ’09 3:32 PM. 

Pics taken through my Shin-Chan. Cris and Cham have their own photos (taken with Cris’ Nikon d80 and Cham’s Canon 400D) posted in their blogs.

It took me forty-million years to upload this. -_-;;; (6 hours, actually.)

Ok, first thing I like about Bag of Beans. The ambience, pictured here with Lui. (There are birds all around, but I wasn’t able to take photos of them.) The seats and tables are not uniform but the general feel is native Philippines and nature.  It’s like being at home outside of your hometown.  Some of my friends have said they didn’t like the coffee here, but I don’t really go to this place for the coffee.  I go for the atmosphere.

The first things I usually order upon sitting are bread and soup. I love love love love their bread.  Whichever type you choose is guaranteed to always be soft and warm. Yum!

Cris and Lei are both pie people. So they ordered empanada and pie. I can’t exactly remember what type of pies they got, but these sure looked scrumptious!

Of course, my meal can never be complete without dessert.  I always go for flans and panacottas after a heavy meal, although I normally prefer cakes.  This beautiful piece of heaven did not disappoint…although I’d have to apologize. I only remembered to take a snapshot of it after I had already touched it. At least I remembered! I normally don’t. That’s why I rarely write food reviews.

And last but not the least…you cannot go to Bag of Beans without ordering coffee. Really.  I may not be a huge coffee fan, but this is my way of paying tribute to such a novel concept.

When we visited Bag of Beans last year, I noticed that they seemed to be expanding.  It used to be such a small place that looks like it was built in the middle of the jungle.  Unfortunately, it was also always full so parking was not the only thing that was difficult to find. Seats, too.  With the expansion, more people get to enjoy the home-away-from-home feel of the restaurant.

Written May 19, 2010
11:12 AM


  1. Raffy

    May 28, 2010 at 11:26 am

    I have to agree with the bread being served warm.

    Their raisin bread seasoned with cinnamon is served warm and tasty. They are generous with their raisin fillings and the sweetness of the raisin paired with the spicy flavor of cinnamon matches well with coffee.

    Probably you chose a different bread.

  2. skysenshi

    May 29, 2010 at 2:41 am

    Hi, Raffy!

    Oh, I've tasted their raisin bread. Yummmm! You're right, they are very generous with the fillings. 🙂

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