Red Ribbon’s White Forest Cake

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve had a bite of Red Ribbon’s White Forest Cake but I swear this sweet dessert haunts me.  I had a craving for it when I first saw the ads. Well, Red Ribbon has been very creative with their confections lately and none of their cakes, since they souped themselves up a couple of years ago, have disappointed me. The White Forest Cake is no exception — it is the epitome of guilty pleasure.

So why do I love this particular cake?  First off, I adore cherries. Lots of people around me hate cherries, but I can finish a whole bottle in one sitting. Second, white chocolate was the only kind of chocolate I could eat. (I absolutely dislike chocolates!) That is, until I discovered that dark chocolates are the healthier variants. When eating this, I make sure that I spear it from top to bottom with my fork and just plunk everything into my mouth.  The creaminess of the icing is countered by the fruitiness of the cherries — everything cushioned by the softness of the chiffon layers. It’s just lovely, chewing on all that.

I wasn’t supposed to write a review about it, but see…My mom refuses to indulge me. She’s in her mid 50’s and is getting conscious about the added pounds that come with age. (She’s only 118 lbs. Jeez! I should be the one getting scared since I’m already 110lbs, a good twenty pounds heavier than I was two years ago.) So yeah, I can’t even persuade her to drive to the nearest Red Ribbon with me and I’ve been craving for two whole weeks already. Now, let me just add this itty bitty thing on my Christmas Wishlist: A Red Ribbon branch near my workplace at Paseo de Magallanes. He he he.

The picture above was screen-captured from the Red Ribbon website. I tried taking my own photograph but I only remember to take a picture after I’ve gobbled up the entire thing. Sheesh.


  1. DJ (Dong Jong)

    December 22, 2009 at 2:13 am

    Oh my God Ang sarap sarap ng cake na toh

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