UP Saga 6-3: Of Twin Flames and singing emo 80s songs…

Hands down, this is the hardest semester in my PhD program.  I’m actually just singing Out Here On My Own and Fame to pump up the energy.

Just when I thought I would have a buffer for Dr. Terror Personified (DTP) and Dr. Horror (or I can call him Dr. SNSD), my favorite professor, Ma’am Aleli Quirante, was replaced by…Dr. Horror again. So that’s 2 Dr. Horror subjects I have.  I successfully avoided him for two semesters, only to have him land twice into my second to the last sem of course work. Sigh.  He talks like a middle-aged priest (I kid you not! I thought I was in the middle of a two-hour long homily!) and does not invite interactivity from students. Gives truckloads of assignments — he sucks at giving instructions because he cuts himself off in the middle of dictating them — like he actually has time to check them.

As for my cognate…I seriously contemplated dropping my DTP subject at the College of Arts and Letters (CAL). Going through her readings, however, I felt that I was going to need this subject for my dissertation. The materials are fresh, so unlike the cobweb covered readings of UP-CMC.  Wonderful essays and discourses that I would’ve loved to savor if I just wasn’t pressured to do my best and prove myself worthy of the name Dr. Bea Lapa.  I was at a loss.

She also has very valid reasons for being a terror.  The woman is intelligent and extremely passionate about her subjects.  I can imagine why the PhD Comparative Literature students would avoid her. One would need powerful survival instincts — and a knack for extracting profound insights from various multidisciplinary literature — to get through her.  If I weren’t so scared of her, I would be in awe. I love the subject (CL310: Literature and the Social Science) actually.

That’s the thing. Half of me wants to plunge headlong into it, the other half of me just wants to turn tail and run.  I was always thankful I inherited my mom’s fighting spirit. It’s now going to be put to the test.  I don’t know how much energy I can muster for reporting, along with discussing at least 5 other readings besides my report. Every week. Here’s another tidbit: You need to hunt for these books every week in at least 3 UP libraries. If you’re lucky. Sometimes they don’t turn up.

Once again, quitting my job has become an option. Other people, also students of UP, say that I’m nuts for taking 9 units of doctoral level course work when UP has a reputation of killing its students softly. (PhD ain’t gonna get called a terminal degree if a lot of people come out alive, ne?) Another option is to take 3 units at a time. But I don’t have much time. I need to finish my course work by next semester.

The funny thing is, I finally realized why my PhD feels so much like my undergrad. Dr. Horror said that when you take the multidisciplinary approach to Social Sciences, it becomes Behavioral Science. What do you know, I was a graduate of BA Soc Sci: Behavioral Studies from UP Manila.

In other news: Let’s Study Twin Flames
Had dinner with Ma’am Aleli and my COMM323 classmates last week and we discussed the concept of Twin Flames. Did research about it on the internet and found out that your soul mate’s purpose is to prepare you for that eventual meeting of your twin flame…if you’ll ever meet that twin flame.

Twin Flames or Twin Souls are two parts of an originally whole soul.  One can have many soul mates but only one twin soul.  They usually don’t meet in the same incarnation, as one twin may probably be in the spiritual realm when the other is born in the physical world. Or when they meet, the circumstances are extremely chaotic. Or impossible.

Interesting thing, this Twin Flame concept. Takes my mind out of all that cerebral activity.

jvlapa wrote on Nov 20, ’09
Consider quitting your job if its worth it. Will support you if needed. Or you can just get 3 units at a time. You’ve got to be more realistic.

skysenshi wrote on Nov 20, ’09, edited on Nov 20, ’09
jvlapa said

Consider quitting your job if its worth it. Will support you if needed. Or you can just get 3 units at a time. You’ve got to be more realistic. 

quit na lang? talaga? kasi getting 3 units lang is not an option eh, especially since next sem is my last sem of course work. but i have to find a way to pay for my tuition and that’s the only thing that’s keeping me attached to APC.

the stress is taking its toll on my body, though. i’m sick and my entire body is aching. hinihingal ako habang nagtuturo kanina and my students could see it. gosh, even the jeepney driver on the way to UP commented on it. “ate, parang hinihingal ka ata.”

robertbesana wrote on Nov 23, ’09
Hinay hinay lang kase Iha = )mag 9 units ka ba naman e…mas madali pag summer mo kinuha yung cognate 1 month lang.

skysenshi wrote on Nov 23, ’09
nanay ko at boss ko sa iisang blog entry. hahahahahahaha!

hm. oo nga, kukuha ako ng cognate this summer para 6 units na lang next sem. i will overload myself with APC subjects next sem eh. 5 sections di ba?

robertbesana wrote on Nov 23, ’09
o nga pala webdes2…kaya mo yun at least isang preparation lang

skysenshi wrote on Nov 23, ’09

o nga pala webdes2…kaya mo yun at least isang preparation lang 

yeah. wish ko lang super balanced at almost the same ang pagtuturo ni lea and mara for webdes1 para hindi sakit ulo ko sa webdes2 pag magkaiba ang style nila.

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