UP Saga 5-4: A World of Difference

I finally understood what Nath, Liz and Joyce were talking about when we discussed the different colleges in UP. I suppose it’s only normal to feel that we’re sort of displaced in our own PhD program. When I got into UP Mass Comm, I didn’t expect to be tabulating data, chi-squares, t-tests and all the statistical chorvaness that I tried to avoid so many times — in my pursuit of higher education — but couldn’t get away from. I mean, hello? UP College of Science, isdatchoo

I took statistics, hidden in a subject named Behavioral Studies 110, back in college. Managed to graduate on time just when I thought I was going to be slaughtered by it. Ah, skipped it in my second degree as I had it credited. Took it again during my master’s, in a subject aptly named Quantitative Methods. I could not believe that I still couldn’t escape it…in a realm when I should be philosophizing.

Last Friday, at the UP College of Social Work and Community Development (a.k.a. College of Feminism), we took up Michel Foucault and a bit of Judith Butler.  The class is a master’s class, but since it’s taught by a doctor, we were allowed to count the subject as a cognate. I could see the difference in the MA students of UP-CMC and UP-CSWCD.  While the UP-CMC students sound like rocket scientists, especially the PhD candidates, the MA students of UP-CSWCD sound like what we should be: PHILOSOPHERS

They went into a discourse like I’ve never seen our PhD students do. And passionately, too!  I couldn’t believe I was hearing such profound analyses from MA students.  I mean, heck. Doesn’t PhD mean “Doctor of Philosophy”? So why are we so engrossed with quantitative methods? We should be involved in discourse, qualitative analyses.

In any case, UP-CMC heads are thinking of coming up with a PhD in Media Studies. I’m hoping that it will be as enlightening as the offerings of UP-CSWCD, since our new Dean, Rolando Tolentino, is from Film. If I manage to muck things up in PhD Comm (which is basically Communication Research Science), I might shift. If I manage to graduate Comm, I could take Media Studies as a second PhD.

highlighted wrote on Jul 27, ’09, edited on Jul 27, ’09
Waaah gender studies! I miss Butler and Foucault!! Ever since I started thesis writing wala na akong makausap about that… :s

skysenshi wrote on Jul 27, ’09

Waaah gender studies! I miss Butler and Foucault!! Ever since I started thesis writing wala na akong makausap about that… :s 

grabe! nosebleed si Foucault! took him up during my undergrad pero para dumaplis lang siya sa utak ko. ngayon kasi i’m trying to digest what he’s saying. magaling yung reporter kasi yung side comments niya very effective. tipong…”Foucault says that we shouldn’t be talking about sexuality…but he wrote a 165-paged discourse about it anyway.”

haha! di pa kami tapos kay Butler. isa pang nosebleed yun. medyo in denial about a lot of things, although i do agree with her about labels and stuff. i believe that sexuality is fluid din eh. you don’t know if you’ll fall in love with a guy today and a girl tomorrow and a guy the day after that.

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