UP Saga 5-3: Jeanne d’Arc as a Cross-Dresser?

Last Friday, the reports my classmates discussed were “History of Celibacy” and “Bisexuality and Feminism”.  I was really disappointed that the time was so short because I had wanted to explore the history of celibacy further, especially since my classmates called Jeanne D’Arc a cross-dresser and a tibo.

Not that I have anything against cross-dressers (I’ve been a fag hag all my life) or anything against my classmates’ opinions, it’s just that the word tibo makes me cringe. And this is my childhood hero we’re talking about. I mean, I do have a review for the game Jeanne D’Arc at the Otaku Fridge, right?  So the discussion went along the lines of Jeanne being a lunatic cross-dressing homosexual, who was tried for heresy, and was later canonized as a saint.

I don’t know about Jeanne’s sexuality, but she was a woman fronting armies during a tumultuous time in France.  I can’t exactly imagine anyone wearing a “proper” gown while riding a horse and leading soldiers into battle. Can you? Then there’s the issue of war prisoners. You know how soldiers rape and pillage villagers. Jeanne, in her defense, was protecting her virtue by dressing up as a man.  She was even tested for chastity and was found a virgin.

I feel for this woman because even her sainthood was not without political agendas. She was sold to the English and was later tried as a witch, a move that would have given Henry VI — at the Duke of Bedford’s behest — a legitimate claim on France.  Before that, she had helped Charles VII ascend the French throne. Of course, Charles would have prefered to go down in history as a king  who had been led to the crown by a saint rather than by a witch.

I wanted to go into this discussion further but there was so little time left and there were two reports about bisexuality waiting in the wings.

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