BOXED Opening Night at The Cubicle

Photos ganked from Alon de Guzman.

Got lost a couple of times before Barbs and I got here. Parking was hell. Then there was this fugly rude man who said something like, “Bawal mag-parking dito. Kayo na bahala humanap ng parking nyo basta hindi kayo puwede dito.”

Told him I’d make him kulam. But what I really wanted to say while he was walking away was: “Okay lang, manong. Alam ko naman nagco-compensate ka lang dahil pangit ka, walang pinag-aralan at di mo pa tanggap na gusto mo talaga maging babae.”

Anyhow, artworks more than made up for it. What really surprised me was how small the world is — it’s like the people that Barbs knew and the people that I knew were all together for this event.

I was also quite unaware that the topic was erotica. So I was kind of…shocked…at some of the works. When Joya clarified that it really was, I settled into figuring out which one was the most erotic. Daym! I would’ve enjoyed doing something for this kind of exhibit.

I played guessing games with the artworks, which one is done by whom etc. Five of our faculty members were exhibiting their stuff, namely: Robert Besana, Elvert Banares, Alon de Guzman, J Pacena and Kirby Roxas. I met other artists, courtesy of Barbs, as well. All in all, lots of fun. The road rage was part of the fun. (Mebbe I should’ve just run that fugly guy over and said, “Ooops…sorry…kala ko kasi ta*…”)

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