The Wonderful World of Wine

This was a Summit Publishing event, wherein 30 bloggers and 10 addict members were invited. I came as a addict because I don’t think I’m known as a blogger. Haha!

Since Lui (of ABMA74, Card Captor Sakura Team) was the only one available to accompany me, he came along. And ended up with mouthwatering freebies, my favorite of which are:

  • P500 gift certificates from Fish & Co. (trust me, darling, the fish nuggets are goooood)
  • P100 Timezone Credits
  • Hair Spa from L’Oreal
  • Parking (which we weren’t able to avail of today)
  • Eco Chic Bag
  • Head and Shoulder massage from The Spa

And so many many many more from selected Trinoma restaurants.

Anyway, the important thing about the event is the wine workshop conducted by Rene Barbier. We had wine of different sorts (of course!) and enjoyed a buffet dinner. Lui was eating Dairy Queen when he suddenly realized that the food, wine and DQ might not be compatible so he had to put the DQ down.

Rene Barbier

I also saw two of the ABMA50s Summit Publishing interns, JC Ruiz and Darwin Manibog. Plus, I met Renzie Baluyot (a Multiply buddy) for the first time! Waw! I actually sort of recognized him as he was signing up but I wasn’t sure. He introduced himself when I was taking pictures of the buffet table.

 Attentive guests. Among them are Darwin, JC, Renzie and Rowena.

Of course, my Summit event can’t be complete without Rowena, Peter and Jenny — the mainstays. Hehe.  Thanks to Lui for taking some of our photos!

I love events by Summit Publishing, no matter how small they are. They’re so organized and relaxed. I never find myself bored. The irony here is that…it was a last minute thing.

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