DMAA, Krispy Kreme and Grappa’s

Alen asked over YM when I’d be available to go out with DMAA again and I said that I won’t be available for the next two weeks. He threatened me with, “Well, you better schedule something quick or we’ll kidnap you from APC when you least expect it.”

Demanding! Wahahaha! So I told them they could come for me on Friday. They arrived early so I told them to drop by 606, where I was paneling for The Goddess’ GAMAUT2 finals. Charles and Alen immediately noticed something: “Miss, grabe, ang saya naman ng mga tao sa APC. Parang ang sarap mag-aral dito ah.”

Too bad these two are graduating and cannot transfer from CSB.

Anyway, we were lucky that I had Krispy Kreme gift certificates for 12 people (which 6 of us finished off). Gini and Cham weren’t able to make it, but Alex and James were with us.

Alex, Alen, Charles and I were the first to arrive.

James arrives after a while.

 This is what I’m talking about! KK’s brewed coffee is just…TeH Lurve!

Mmm…smell that coffee!

 Let’s hear it for Miss Brew Box!

After Krispy Kreme, we headed for Grappa’s — in Reposo, this time around. Because I was craving their dark beer again.  I never really liked beer until I tried Grappa’s dark roasted malt. I can’t believe I savored every gulp. And the aroma! Let me just quote my review of it:

I hate beer. I gag if I so much as smell it so I usually take a swig from the bottle and not from a glass. I go out boozing with buddies once in a while and I do force myself to drink beer when there’s no tequila to be had.

Grappa’s had me changing the way I think about beer. I had their version of Cerveza Negra (roasted malt) and I was surprised to find myself liking it. It had that sweet taste that I still couldn’t get out of my head. And the aroma! It was served in this huge glass, helping me smell to my heart’s content. My buddies said something about it being freshly brewed so it had none of that distasteful commercial smell.

Of course, it kind of lost its great taste when I partook of a blueberry cheesecake and some tiramisu for dessert. Beer really should go hand in hand with anchovy pizza so that you can maximize its taste. I’ll do that next time.

Our bonding session was pretty intense but Diane and I had fun at Alen’s expense. Even Charles was in on it, when Alen thought Charles would be backing him up. I think I also managed to cause their brains to experience the blue screen of death.

Grappa’s Wine Shelf.

Gimme those beers!

And that pizza! Oh, gosh. This was really mouthwatering.

At around midnight, my APC kids started texting me. They were in a panic. Knowing my habit of always heeding student calls, Alen demanded once again: “You’re with us for the night, so you should turn your cellphone off.” Hahahaha!

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