Corregidor 2: Mumu Hunting

Forget about technical stuff. I was too busy chasing mumu (ghosts) in broad daylight.  Plus, with this post, I’d rather let the pictures do most of the talking.

 Here was where the hunt began…ORBS!!!

Do you notice that rock lodged to the tree?  According to the tourist guide, it had been stuck there since World War II. The rock was part of one of the buildings and when the bombings took place, a large shrapnel (that huge chunk) hit the tree.

It was frustrating how hard it was to play with the lighting here…
The Corregidor bus’s top view. Looks like the typical cheerful beginning of a horror movie.

This is just breathtaking!

This eerie shot…I wish I had a model.

Ruins of an old film center. Long shot.
Ruins of an old film center, up close.

Ooh! I got distracted by the pretty textures again…

Ouch! The sun was directly in my eyes!

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