Pond’s A Taste of Beauty

Right outside the event area.

I’ve been spoiled by Summit Publishing. They really make the best events and parties, as they’re highly organized. So when I attended SM Hypermart and Pond’s “A Taste of Beauty” event, I was sorely disappointed.  Rowena told me that Voldee (Marcelle to many people) is their constant host, so I thought, hey! It may be the first time I’d see him perform onstage. But there was no magic show and the hosts (he didn’t do the event) were boring as hell. Pretty to look at but utterly dull.

Can’t see the hosts…

Not only that. There I was, getting stressed and worried that I was tardy! I mean, Summit usually starts on time so you’ve already missed a lot if you come in 40 minutes after the hour indicated on the invitation.  “A Taste of Beauty” started 2 hours late. It would’ve been okay if we were sitting down but they used cocktail tables so we were standing up. For 1 hour, 30 minutes. We found seats (huzzah!) 30 minutes before the program finally started.

And then we played our PSP and DS.

At a party.

This is a picture of me that Nicco took right before I whipped out my PSP.

Oh, there were contests during the program but even the rules were messed up. I couldn’t join because my rose didn’t have a number. Only some weird-ass quote worthy of a Hallmark card. After a while, Nicco and I got pretty fed up because everyone was having his/her own (very loud) discussion; we couldn’t hear the uncharismatic hosts. If Rowena and her hubby had been there (they had an “emergency party”), Nicco would’ve probably enjoyed himself. They weren’t there so we dragged our feet and left early.

At least Nicco got to see his childhood friend, who happened to be Voldee’s partner in magic shows. And the food was fantastic. Those are probably the only two things worth going to this event for.

Voldee (Marcelle) and Nicco’s childhood friend.

Oh, right. I nearly forgot about Pond’s anti-aging sample cream. Took that home as a souvenir. Though Nicco was quick to point out: “You don’t use Pond’s.”

 These were the samples I brought home. Nifty packaging, I must admit.

Update Notes (May 20, 2010 12:19PM):
This used to be a private entry because I wanted to be polite. But seeing as how a lot of big brands seem to invite bloggers en masse (gather them in one area, bombard them with information, expect them to rave), I realized that I’m selling my integrity if all I ever say in this blog are good things.

The reason why blogging has become such a popular tool is because of how honest it could get. Now some people who make money out of it expect everyone to behave like they do; short of selling your soul in the guise of politeness. Come on. Many professional bloggers make money out of writing only positive reviews. Readers aren’t dumb. They are discerning enough to figure out sooner or later when you’re feeding them BS. Why do you think glossies are getting a lot of flak from feminists and discerning consumers?

In any case, I hope professional bloggers realize that they would not be making money out of this medium if personal bloggers didn’t hurl it into popularity. And that only became possible because of the honest-to-goodness opinions that weren’t tainted with commercialism.  Of course not all professional bloggers are sellouts. There are many who maintain a sense of integrity while writing in a business-like manner.  I’m only pertaining to the ones that insist on writing only positive things.

Looking back now…this was the very event that had me declining many invitations that address me as a blogger.  I had forgotten all about it, until I unearthed this entry from my Multiply site.

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