Rating: ★★★
Category: Movies
Genre: Animation

I’m not going to go into technical detail. You can probably read an in-depth technical review from one of my former Multimedia Arts students. Let’s just say that the entire production would look better on TV than on the big screen because of some glitches. These can be digitally remastered, however, so I don’t have issues on this aspect. In fact, I applaud the entire team. I could imagine the hard work amidst the budget constraints of this valiant effort. Many of the techniques applied here, save for the 3D CG scenes, were very very traditional. In short: painstaking labor. We did pretty well on our first try and I hope to see more of these in the future.

As for the comments about it being too Disney. People, I hope you are aware that most of the artists that worked on this project do work for Disney either as key animators or in-betweeners. So please, I don’t really want to hear anything of that sort. We’ll come around.

WHAT REALLY RUINED IT FOR ME WAS…>>>Review continued at Coolay.com>>>

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