My family and I usually go out for fine dining whenever there’s a special occasion but for this Mother’s Day, we decided to stay within the village. My mom suggested we go to Tarragon, where she and my sister usually go for bonding dates.

I wasn’t too impressed with the interiors. It looks like a regular dining place for Makati office people, although the owners wisely chose red-green-and-orange-y hues (which we all know tend to make people hungrier) for their theme. But I think this is the point of the place. They do boast on their menu that they’re proud of giving you a flavorful casual dining experience.

I ordered soup of the day, which was lettuce puree, and some prawn. My mom and sister both got grilled salmon while the boys (my dad, brother and baby brother) went for pasta. I was surprised when I took a spoonful of soup. It was delicious! It had a sort of creamy texture that felt wonderful on the tongue. The prawn was delightfully tasty without being overbearing (most restaurants kill you with too much cheese) and the salmon was cooked just right. Our dessert: sinful fried vanilla ice cream. My dad — ever the analytical mathematician — wanted to argue about the logic of ice cream being fried but he shut up after shoving a piece into his mouth.

That was one satisfying meal. And it didn’t even cost us an arm and a leg. Oh and I nearly forgot to mention that the waiter ran after my mom, on our way to the parking, to give her a complimentary mother’s day gift!

Rating: 9/10

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