Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Justice for All

Rating: ★★★★
Category: Video Games
Genre: Other
Console: Nintendo DS

Nothing much has changed with Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Justice for All. Like the first Ace Attorney game, Justice for All was originally released for the Game Boy Advance and it was known as 逆転裁判 2. Unlike the first installation, however, this game does not have any of the fancy investigative methods applied in the last case of the previous one.

Basically, what’s left in this game is your mind-boggling visual novel. You still run around crime scenes and dissect testimonies in court. Two things have been added, though:

1. You can now present profiles.
2. Behold, the Magatama!

…What I neglected to mention in my review of this game’s predecessor is how well-developed its characters are. With Justice for All, it gets better. You not only delve deeper into the lives of the mystical Fey Family, you also get to develop a more complex relationship with your prosecutors and the utterly clueless, but lovable, detective Gumshoe…>>> Read more at the OtakuFridge >>>

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