Bicol 2008

First order of our arrival…We discovered Bigg’s.

Where the burgers are…om nom nom!

Cousin JR ordering.

 Cousin Angel: I want to eat this…but it’s not mine…
Pictures of the Donsol whale sharks will follow shortly (will probably write a review for the experience) as the shots are stored within an underwater manual camera.

What can I say? It was one hell of an experience. Donsol was wonderful and fun, and I got to swim on top of a whale shark. It was quite an exciting (Adrenaline Rush!!!) experience. Too bad I couldn’t keep up as I was the only one who didn’t have a snorkel and I didn’t have flippers either. I was gasping for air as I tried to keep up with the Butanding (as whale sharks are called in this area).

Cousins on the lookout for the whale shark. I was just posing. LOL.

We checked out of our Legaspi hotel on Friday afternoon and decided to risk the Holy Week crowd in the Southernmost area. We ended up in Matnog, where the food was great (fresh Blue Marlin and freshly baked loaf — yum yum!)…but it had a catch. By midnight, three of us were in dire need of Loperamide and Yakult. Imagine the long drive back home…

 The culprit…

I wouldn’t recommend the “hotel” in Matnog. The keeper kind of scolded my cousin JR when he asked for the water to be turned on at midnight. Like it was our fault we needed water and like we were totally inconveniencing them. The next time we go to that area (and I promise there will be a next time), we’ll stay in Sta. Magdalena, then just go and see Matnog’s wonderful beach islands. I suppose that with real resorts, you’d pay for service minus the owner’s whining.

 Vet Doc JR: Here, doggy! Injection is not going to hurt, promise.

 Me and my sister frolicking.

 That’s me, pretending to contemplate the shoreline.

Anyway, the experience was still worth it. I have never really stepped foot on white sand. I swear, Tikling and Subic were so beautiful, they took my breath away. I’d also go back for Matnog’s food, but I swear I’d be armed for the next encounter.

And what’s a trip to Bicol without shots of Mt. Mayon. Unfortunately, when we went up close, Mayon disappeared from our view. We only were able to take shots of the ruins.

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