No Book Fair for me this year | Mike Mariano’s Exhibit

The first time since 2003 that I won’t be able to go to the Book Fair. -_-  First, I find out about it late (AS IN YESTERDAY), and now that I have time, Nicco — the only person within my vicinity that shares my love for books — doesn’t want to go.  But Rollz  does…unfortunately, my cell phone is dead and my charger is locked at home…only my sister has a key. I have no way of contacting him now.  I soooo want to go right now. ;_;

Thai-Inspired Exhibit
Went to Mike Mariano’s exhibit yesterday. I think it’s fair to say that it’s one of the exhibits that rocked, mostly because of the fun factor.  Met up with old pals Sean Lim (well, we did see him during the premiere of his movie) and Rollz (whom I’ve missed to high heavens).  Barbs, Lex and Luna arrived late and by that time Sean was rearing to go.  I actually wanted to stay longer but I have time constraints due to both my rides…one to get to Makati and one to get home.

There was one photo Mike took that I actually fell in love with.  I just couldn’t stop coming back just to stare at it. I pirated it. Haha!  The booze is also something I looked forward to. Never thought red wine could actually taste so good. Had three glasses, when I normally get piss drunk from half a glass of San Mig Light.

His preparation for this one-man exhibit is actually the reason why I wanted to do an exhibit with my senshi cousins.  Budget is the only thing that’s holding me back.  Anyway, I’ll prepare for the one I’m having in APC next year. 

COMMENTS from the previous blog:

quinopatty wrote on Sep 2, ’07
ako rin i knew about it yesterday kasi pupunta sister ko. di ako sumama T_T andami raw piano pieces dun na magugustuhan ko haha.

skysenshi wrote on Sep 2, ’07
aahhhhh! nakapunta na rin ako at last. i made a deal. hahaha!

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