Kaimono at 168

Ms. Cha was worried that if they brought me along, I’d collapse from the long walk.  I was feeling a bit tired and my head started pounding halfway through the shopping. When I got back home, I was so famished I forgot that the doctor forbade me to eat meat. Thank goodness I was able to take my meds before I ate the corned beef (my digestion slowed down considerably, but so did my metabolism).  I told Ms. Barbs that I would have to go straight home and take a bath because Nicco was picking me up…and I always make it a point to smell good for Nicco.


For 2K I bought:
    3 pairs of unbelievably comfortable shoes
    3 tops, 2 of them knitted
    6-piece set of fun panties
    2 thick short skirts
    1 ID string for my APC ID and USB flash drives
    1 wallet for Nicco

I had never realized how satisfying it is to bring so little cash and yet have so much fun with it.  And I’m quite amazed that I should find really comfy shoes in thrift stores, of all places!  Anyone who knows me would remember that I fear shoe shopping because I always end up paying horrendous amounts for pairs that mutilate my feet in the long run.  After buying the three pairs (from three different shops), I found myself staring longingly at the other shoe places that we passed.

Ms. Barbs was surprised at how fast I shop.  She noticed that I instantly know what I want, fit it and bag it. She and Ms. Cha take quite some time deciding what to buy.  After Ms. Cha, our resident Chinese haggler, left, Ms. Barbs and I tried our hand at haggling for ourselves. I think we did pretty well. (Was able to bring Barbs’ knitted tops down to 280 from 380 because I mentioned that the tops I bought downstairs cost only 290.)

I don’t normally buy tops in 168, because I can get the plain (easy to mix-and-match) ones in Landmark for half the price.  But pants and skirts in 168 are always 1/3rd or half the price of those found in malls. What I like about the skirts I buy there is the fact that I have never seen anyone in APC (and we’re required to wear skirts in APC) wear the same style. My APC students love them, especially when I wear my stiletto boots with them. And whenever I wear them in CSB, they always manage to pique the men’s curiosity because of their unique looks.

Wee! I’m so happy!!

Random Kaimono Thoughts
My sister was watching me try on my new shoes when she exclaimed, “You’re so kikay!”

She then turned to her boyfriend and said, “But you know what? This is so late.  She only got kikay now. A few years ago, when my mom was still rich, she’d buy us all clothes and the good stuff and while everyone appreciated the gesture, Ate would just grunt and keep the stuff somewhere and totally forget about them. My mom used to get hurt by that kind of reaction.”

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