(Marie Claire) Nine Vines Launch at Ayala Museum

Got the text and email from marie claire that I got an invitation for three people at the Nine Vines Wine Tasting event at the Ayala Museum. I brought Nicco and Mama Rollz along. I should’ve realized that it’s going to be sort of formal, or at least a smart casual affair (since it is all about wines) but we got there straight from school so we were in our geek outfits. Anyway, Mama Rollz just said, “Carry na yan! Maganda naman tayo. And Nicco has the face value!”


One minor problem we encountered was that my name was not in the list even though I had emailed back saying that I’d be getting my ticket on the day itself. I probably should have called. In any case, they still let us through because they seem to know what had happened here.

Mama Rollz: Todo Project!

Nicco: Munch munch munch.

Me enjoying my wine…

Anyhoo, earlier that evening, I was trying to take a pic of editor-in-chief Myrza Sison because I was too shy to approach her. I’m a huge fan of this brilliant, classy and beautiful lady. (Palanca 2nd place awardee, anyone?) And goodness, is she tall!!! There are a lot of sophisticated women out there, but rare are the ones with the kind of aura she carries. It’s gotta be the brains and boy, is she creative! Anyhoo, when Rowena arrived, she and Mama Rollz tried to convince me to approach Ms. Sison and since I really felt like I’d look like a worn-out rag beside her, it was Mama Rollz who approached her instead. I also got to meet Nicole Bulatao that evening and finally saw the face behind the correspondences I used to exchange with her when I won my first few MC contests.

 My idol is so tall!!

Rowena’s turn to pose with them. 😀

Rollz and Nicco seemed to have enjoyed the food and the wine. I absolutely adored the loot bags! It contained two film blotters, an alcogel and an olive oil liquid soap…all from Rustan’s Essences. Oooh, I can use the MC bag to school, too!

As always, I got tipsy on my second glass. I was ready to hurl before the night was even over. In fairness, I loved the pink wine. =^.^=

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