Cincodelic Bistro

It’s probably the best executed exhibit I’ve been to for the past two weeks that I had been attending exhibits. It’s not because one of the artists is my sister, but because I like how the 5 members of the Cincodelic Bistro are OC. I appreciated how they were conscious of every detail, without letting the backdrops and props affect their artworks. Usually, it’s best for the gallery walls to be plain so that no extraneous designs would fight for your audience’s attention. But they pulled it off so well!

The 50s feel complemented the artworks nicely. The costumes, the music (thanks to Sir Lionel)…everything was a blast! The impact had definitely been felt. There were even some people who got duped into thinking that the parfait on the table was real. It’s actually made of chocolate-colored mashed potatoes. Haha!

Of course, real food was served during the opening night. And true to the theme, they served 50s malt shop food (with the exception of the beer). I swear, Gail made the best-tasting milkshake I’ve ever had.

After dinner, we were invited to sit inside one of the gallery’s wings so that we could watch Kosa, a short by Karen Abarca. Again, the importance of impact. What would you expect? Karen obviously worked hard on this project. She actually went to Bilibid to shoot and hired real actors, all of whom were at the opening night. Lots of untold stories here because you can tell that filming Kosa had not been an easy task. Elvert’s name was also stamped on the project so you’d definitely expect quality work right there. The production values just rocked.

The only incident that ruined what would have been a highly memorable event was the fact that the owner of the gallery was a greedy little s.o.b. I’m only awaiting my sister’s article and I’ll have the link to it posted. I don’t really want any of my future students victimized by this opportunist.

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