Toast of Mensa

Yep. I just had to add another activity to my already weird-looking calendar. I just feel like it’s not full enough. Know what I mean?

I got invited to my first Toast of Mensa meeting last month. I had misgivings at first, thinking that it was going to be full of straight-laced nerds in formal attire. (Don’t get me wrong…I appreciate art, literature, poetry and mathematics. But one can only take so much Dawson’s Creek in any given day.) I was in for a total shock when I realized that they were a fun bunch. They were wacky and naughty and full of…um, geeky humor.

I was amazed when I saw them laughing at Nicco’s jokes. Nicco’s known for his “bizarre humor” and I usually worry about him saying the wrong thing around “normal” people. But not here. It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only person who finds him witty and charming.

I also discovered a gold mine of resources for my thesis in this club. So yeah…I formalized my membership yesterday.

COMMENTS from the previous blog:

acid42 wrote on Oct 5, ’06
wacky, naughty, and full of geeky humor?
susmarya…. eh ganun lahat ng MMA faculty.ย 

drewbocz wrote on Oct 5, ’06
Hello TM Bea… ๐Ÿ™‚

skysenshi wrote on Oct 5, ’06, edited on Oct 5, ’06

Hello TM Bea… ๐Ÿ™‚

Wasn’t it the Molave group you wanted to join? They’re kinda reserved and quiet although they’re quite intelligent too.

@Sir Lionel
Naku oo nga. Pero nakakatakot minsan pumunta ng Benilde at baka masalpakan ka ng absences na hindi naman talaga. Haha!

drewbocz wrote on Oct 6, ’06
No, it was another group…but I guess I’ll stay where I am, El Presidente TMC…although I haven’t been able to attend lately cause it conflicts with my thursday class.

animetric wrote on Oct 7, ’06
Wow buti ka pa naka-attend na ng ToM. I was a member for some number of years when I was in college and I’ve never been to one… XD

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