Filing Cabinet

Decided to clean up my filing cabinet after being frustrated about not finding what I needed from it (i.e. my pictures that the bank required). I was, of course, hit by a wave of nostalgia. Not only did I find the old files, newspaper clippings, and stuff about a couple of projects…I also managed to finish a project that had actually been dead for two years now.

I’ve recovered my version 2 design for the Loyola eCommerce site, but not in the way I expected it to be. It was a ComputerWorld eBusiness article that featured a screenshot of my design! I scanned it and just replaced the old (incomplete) file. The scanned article is so much better than the former posted image that showed which areas of the site were mine and which were already edited by the web designer that came after me.

As for the dead project…it’s actually my wedding website. I never did get to finish the Highlights Section before. It’s funny how I could accomplish it now, when the marriage is already dissolved. (According to Catholic experts, it never happened. XD) I’m not so much as inspired by the topic as I am about the design process that I went through. It’s red. And I love it.

In other news:
I am almost done with the current project I’m working on –> I’ll be posting that site on my portfolio as soon as it is finished.

Enthos Inc., on the other hand, is still looking for a host.

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