Expensive Hobby XD

When I told my mom how much I’m being paid at Asia Pacific College and how much I spend on either gasoline (I usually bring the car on Saturdays) or commuting to school (FX then cab), she said in an amused tone, “You have an expensive hobby.”

Ok, see, when I was working at Level Up!, she’d really complain about how I’m killing myself for a pittance when I used to get nearly triple the amount doing my consultancy business. In fact, the pay at Level Up! is almost the same as my pay at APC, if you add up all the expenses. (If you removed all my transpo, food and miscellaneous expenses, my 1.5 hours’ pay in APC is equivalent to one day’s pay at LUG.) I guess my mom didn’t really like the nature of the LUG job: I was getting paid to play. XD

Thing is, I enjoy what I’m doing here also. The same reason that drove me to work hard at LUG is the same reason that’s driving me now. I love what I’m doing. The only difference is that I may just go overboard about it.

Last December alone, I spent $400 worth of instructional materials at Amazon.com. I wasn’t contented with the quality of the learning modules available locally and none of the best authors are even on Power Books’ or Fully Booked’s shelves! (The painful part there is the fact that after spending that much, I get assigned to a room where the materials are rendered nearly useless. xD)

This morning, I found out that my Management Information Systems professor has his own multimedia projector! Gawsh. Now I’m wanting to buy one also because I don’t really feel like reserving an 09 room every other day. I checked Amazon.com. The cheapest, Epson, is around $580. *drool* I don’t want an Epson, though. If there’s a Canon or an HP, I just might have to get that. A Sony VPL-PX11 LCD Video Projector is about $2,200.

Gah! First thing’s first. I need a laptop. I can’t keep borrowing my mom’s and it’s not like I can bring gigantic Crescens to school. But I need to go to the US this summer. Urgh! Priorities. Priorities.

Hm. I think this new “hobby” of mine, is going to throw me into the Poor House. I also shouldn’t stray from my goal.

Ah, yes. You do know what my goal is?

MISSION: To eliminate the glazed looks of incomprehension from students’ faces.


  1. Nychuus

    January 14, 2006 at 4:01 pm

    I don’t think it was the nature of your work in LUG that drove your mom batty. It was that you were killing yourself for a 9 to 5 job that pays peanuts. Add in that you didn’t really use your skills for that job. At least with this new job, you aren’t working so hard (well… xD) and here you can educate people 😛Re: ProjectorChoose a light one. Are you definitely sure you want to haul that thing around campus three (or two) days a week?If yes, you’re bound to become MASCULAAAARRR (said in Arnold Schwarz… whatever accent)

  2. Jason

    January 19, 2006 at 5:45 am

    Heh, I can understand were you’re coming from with the priorities dilema. I guess I’m in that kinda situation myself, it’s not a very gentlemanly but I had a spell in hospital over the new years break. Great break. And now, behind in my college work, I don’t know which Unit to hit up first. You must be good at what you do if you have such a great choice for jobs, it’s quite impressive. I hope to be a systems analyst in the distant future and perhaps a freelance web designer in my spare time (of course I won’t have any) although I have alot to learn, ^_^ My advice, short term is what it is. Short. Keep your eye on the ball, if you’re going to the States this summer think about the old funds! I’m an idiot and spend like hell, then when I need cash I find myself working more and more hours. Which sucks. As a side note to nychuus, Arnie’s got a strong Austrian accent with undertones of Califorian Hollywood cheese. Good luck Sky

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    June 30, 2010 at 11:27 am

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  4. Barkha Dhar

    July 3, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    I like your positive attitude!….go for it girl

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