This is why I love Amazon

Amazon updates me every month because they always have something new at least every quarter. The last big thing they came up with was aStore, something that I had wanted to have since 1998. This time, they came up with ECS. And since this season is always the best when it comes to my sales…this is good news for me. Anyhoo, here’s the new email I got from them.

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As an Amazon Associate, you may be interested in a tool for software developers that many other Associates are using to earn increased referral fees and increase the effectiveness of their sites — Amazon E-Commerce Service (Amazon ECS).

Amazon ECS is a web service that exposes product data and sophisticated e-commerce functionality, enabling you to create customized, data-rich, highly functional web sites and applications. Offered through Amazon Web Services, the service is accessed via standard web service API’s.
Amazon ECS is available free of charge, and you can get started by creating your own Amazon Web Services Account.

Why would I use ECS instead of aStore?

While aStore is for Associates that want to easily add online stores to their sites with no programming required, Amazon ECS provides complete control over each aspect of the layout and design of online stores for Associates with experienced programming skills. Amazon ECS provides:

  • Richer Data Set – Amazon ECS gives you access to more product data, reviews, images, offers and seller information. Plus, Amazon ECS also enables access to real-time top sellers and new released products by category.
  • Freedom of Presentation – Offer your products through multiple different platforms such as websites, cell phones, other digital devices, from within desktop applications, or even via alternate formats, such as RSS.
  • Promotional Flexibility – Sell products and promote offers on from specific merchants and/or sellers that you choose. 

    Build with Amazon ECS for Free

    Amazon ECS is available to you at no charge. Developers are selling millions of dollars worth of items through the Amazon Associates program and receiving commissions on those sales from

    What Developers Are Saying

    Over 200,000 developers are registered users of Amazon Web Services. Visit our Solutions Catalog to see examples of successful businesses using Amazon ECS.

    COMMENTS from the previous blog:

    mikersantiago wrote on Nov 28, ’06
    Hi BEA =)

    Let’s come up with a “walkthrough” of amazon’s website as an introduction in our case presentation for mipolaw, I guess not everybody in class has browsed the website already or had the chance to register and bought items online (including me hehe)… This would get them to visualize what we are about to present in class, screen shots of visitors’ and registered users in a powerpoint presentation will do… what do you think?

    skysenshi wrote on Nov 28, ’06
    that’s what i had in mind. hehe. i’ll try to come up with more ideas after i’ve read our stuff. uy saya…amazon nga pala ang topic natin. hehe.

    skysenshi wrote on Nov 28, ’06, edited on Nov 28, ’06
    dude, naka-bot mode ka ba? umuulit yung posts mo. ok sana kung double post, kaso this last entry of yours (which looks exactly like the previous one) was posted 30 minutes after. nyahahaha.

    jpmiano wrote on Nov 28, ’06
    does this mean we could come up with an interesting report?

    skysenshi wrote on Nov 28, ’06
    of course! we have to be always interesting. hehe. feel na ba natin yung pressure? hehe.

    mikersantiago wrote on Nov 28, ’06
    wag pressured, dapat challenged! hehe.

    mikersantiago wrote on Nov 28, ’06
    I’ve read the first few pages, it’s more on amazon’s business models, how they come up with personalizing their customers/profiling, branding, etc. Medyo in time nga yung case kasi I just attended the website core group meeting of Ayala Land kangina and we will revise the corporate website to capture all customers through profiling, etc, din. Kaya medyo nag pasikat na ako ng konti discussing about amazon’s business models, pam pa pogi points kasi lapit na evaluation, hahaha!

    skysenshi wrote on Nov 29, ’06
    the best part about this? i am updated about amazon’s newest interfaces because i’m an amazon associate. let’s do this, guys! good luck!

    mikersantiago wrote on Nov 30, ’06
    hehe, kayang kaya na to ni BEA, sasayaw na lang kami, hehe =)

    skysenshi wrote on Nov 30, ’06
    sapakan na lang kaya tayo, mike? 😛

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