A Lot Like Love

I made a check list of the features I want in a husband. I never realized that I could use a check list of what I want in a job until my mom and I discussed about what I really want to do. She could see that I’m completely happy and fulfilled about my sites, but there are also other needs that I wanted to address so that I wouldn’t be so restless. I wish I had talked to my mom this way 5 years ago, at the height of my career, so that I didn’t have to choose between marriage and the job that I had found ideal.

Of course, past is past. All I can do now is look to my future and see what could be fixed, starting with my career path. I learned something like this in my SOCDIM class, the diagram of organizational components a.k.a. Information Ecology. It was only after talking to my mom that I realized I could use this diagram in my personal life also.

Another thing I realized is this: Even though I have designed many pages (around 32 as of this writing…I think) and still doing many projects, my strength isn’t really in design. Sure, I can whip up a neat, pretty website when I am in my “Design Mode” but I notice that I’m more like an outline-organize-design-build-market-maintain-market-maintain type of person. That’s how it is with my babies, my network, that I’ve never grown tired of: The Otaku Fridge.

My mom said, now that I have established that the Otaku Fridge Network is an important aspect of my life (hey, it’s one of the projects that pay my masteral tuition), I should find a job that lets me have time for this. Sure, I do want to have my own business, and I might go after a job solely for the purpose of finding capital, but I still have to have an outline as to what I really want to do. That way, I could retain the job, as well as the Fridge and the business.

Hm. Is it any wonder that my mom was VP for HR in San Miguel Brewing Group’s Greater China Operations?

My Career Check List:

  • Must meet my financial requirements. While this wasn’t the case when I went back to the corporate world last year (because I was forcing my way out of “Housewife Mode” and needed a job pronto), I realize that I’m not getting any younger and life can’t all be just about fun. Survival isn’t enough. I have to LIVE.
  • Must let me be a mentor so that I can train and educate people. I get fulfillment out of this, based on past experience.
  • Must allow me to travel and experience worlds beyond where I’m standing.
  • Must allow me to have enough time for The Otaku Fridge. Meaning, I should have enough time for myself so that I don’t end up taking maintenance tablets come age 30.
  • Must allow me to grow and learn, like letting me study a new language or discover a new marketing strategy.
  • Must inspire me to be more creative in my pursuits.
  • Must make my strengths flourish. I just observed that while I’m not as good as many witty, grammatically perfect and overly creative writers out there — nor am I a design machine like Leki, Virna, Elly and Diwa — I am good at branding and finding my niche. Writing and designing are just basic tools of the trade, which is, in essence, information management. I think the job I should take would be able to help me hone that further.

Now, I’m tying this up with my personal goals, which include my Husband Check List, so that I would have an overview as to how I want to direct my life. I realize also that career choices are a lot like love. “Until you love like this, never settle for anything less,” LeAnne Rimes said. LOL! If I have to use a gantt chart and a master diagram to accomplish this, so be it. =^.^=


  1. Elly

    September 23, 2005 at 3:27 am

    You’ve got your future nicely ironed out. That’s good. Me, I just want to die right now. 😀 Someone just kill me, please.

  2. Elly

    September 28, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    You've got your future nicely ironed out. That's good. Me, I just want to die right now. 😀 Someone just kill me, please.

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