Most sulit haircut at Going Straight MCS

I had been itching to get a haircut for some time now, but couldn’t quite find a space for it in my calendar. And even when I eventually found a schedule for it last Friday, a few errands sandwiched it. So I posted on my Facebook profile, asking for recommendations in the Makati CBD area.

I’m a little bit iffy about trusting my hair with most salons. I have biases against salon staff who cannot tell if my hair is natural. (If you’re stupid enough not to be able to tell from the roots, then I shouldn’t be giving you my business.)  And the ones who can actually tell are usually quick to suggest that I straighten it. (Oooh, I just love subjecting my hair to various synthetic chemicals. NOT.)

Anyway, before all that, my problem with my hair growing long is that it actually does not grow vertically. It grows horizontally. So I usually tie half of it up. You can see from the photo below how dry it has become.

Here’s another problem: hair like mine doesn’t go limp. It gets mop-like. Hence the need for a haircut.

My room mate Kei and her boyfriend Josh told me about a stylist named Randy at Going Straight right in our street: Chino Roces. Specifically Going Straight in Makati Cinema Square. Perfect!

I was actually shocked when I found out that a haircut costs about P190. I thought the cheapest haircut for women was P600. Haha. It’s even cheaper than my boyfriend’s haircut at Bruno’s Barbers! With that amount, you still have lots of room for a generous tip!

Here’s a comparison of what my hair looked like right after the haircut (blow-dried) and 2 days later (the real test). You can click the photos to enlarge and see more detail.

Verdict: I love how Randy was able to bring my mop-like curls back to life. He was very careful in cutting and shaping my hair, making it look like it actually obeys.

Just to give you an example of how rebellious my hair is…see how straight it was after he was done with it? By evening it already started to curl. XD

Above photo: I’m on the right side, in black. This was taken around 4 hours after my haircut.

The next day, my room mate Kei suddenly felt inspired by Jennifer Lawrence. She actually just had a really nice haircut last month, but she suddenly felt like chopping it all off.

The results:

I super love it on her! When people were making comments about how masculine she looked, well, she proved them wrong. Who says you can’t have a nice pixie cut while looking very feminine?

Best P190 I’ve spent ever. It looks like I have my stylist now, after so many years of jumping from one salon to the other due to my schedule. Randy is really nice and soft-spoken, too.

Well, the shampoo girl pissed me off a bit when she rudely told me, “Pinakulot mo to noh?” Woman, you have no idea how much money I’ve spent and torment I’ve been through in all those years that I’ve been straightening my hair. Anyway, I’ll just make sure I’ve shampoo’d before visiting Randy so I’ll never have to deal with this unpleasant woman again.

Both Kei and I regret we weren’t able to take photos of the guy but I’ll make sure to update this post on my next visit.

(Update June 21, 2014: just uploaded this photo so you can find Randy if you do decide to drop by MCS.)

Hm. It’s so ironic that my curly hair was taken cared of by a salon known for straightening hair. LOL.

Going Straight MCS is located at:
GF Makati Cinema Square
Chino Roces Avenue
Makati 811 1439
Tel no. 

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