Goals for 2014

I had actually been trying to put this off because I’m in denial about the things I have to do. Haha. But ok, last year I made 10 goals and I achieved half of them. I’m simplifying them this time around instead of making them ultra specific.

Permanent Yearly Goals
8. Travel at least twice a year. Preferably 1 local and 1 international destination.

7. Participate in a nation-wide competition.

6. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. (new perma-goal!!!) Even though I never made this goal in 2013, I still strived to be hospital-free. I succeeded at it till about the 3rd quarter of 2013. But then the *ber months arrived. Anyway, I noticed that I was healthier when I was cooking my own meals so I will get back to that soon.

Yeah, I miss making sandwiches like this.

Oh, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes keeping away from toxic discussions. Maybe I’ll indulge in my LJ or a private Plurk, but none of that must be visible in my public profiles. Also, I think I’ll have to burn a couple of bridges because negativity burns me out fast. *sigh*

I even wrote a Tagalog FB note (thank you, Google Translate) asking for a reprieve from emotional vampirism. Haha.

2014-Specific Goals
5. Finish AT LEAST 2 major projects.
Options: conference paper, journal paper, art exhibit, game, book.
Note: Choosing conference paper, game or book will help fulfill the 8th goal.

4. More pro-active social life. Go out with friends at least twice once a month.

Meeting again after 7 years: GM Sora (me) and GM Phage (Ching Merano-Santos)
reminiscing about the good ol’ days of running Philippine Ragnarok Online.

3. Wrap up remaining legal stuff: NSO and passport.

2. Help make my field visible. (Since CHED has already given us the blessing, the next thing to do is to promote the newly minted BS Entertainment and Multimedia Computing program nationwide.)

1. Plan finances for the next two years. Starting with my lapsed Sunlife VUL thingie and then moving on to other financial matters.

I haven’t forgotten my readers, of course. No need for a yearly goal for you because I have a life-long commitment in promoting my students, small startups and just about anything that will make me proud to be a Filipino woman. I may not be able to update more than twice a week but I’d like to keep those updates either about you or about my real experiences.

Oh, and yeah, I’m just going to emphasize my fervent belief (this photo had been taken in 2010, during a Levi’s contest):

Again, happy new year!! =^.^=


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