Freeway presents National Artist Lucio San Pedro

Remember this song?


This is an all-time favorite of mine and was composed by two national artists, namely, Levi Celerio and Lucio San Perdo. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the tributes paid to each of them by Freeway. Fortunately, at least I was able to receive my copy of the press kit this time.

As it happens, 2013 is the centennial year of Lucio San Pedro’s birth. Hence, the tribute. He grew up in Angono, belonging to a family with deeply rooted musical inclinations and this is why he started young. He was in his late teens when he inherited the role of the church organist from his grandfather. Perhaps, his most popular work, aside from Sa Ugoy ng Duyan (which Lea Salonga performed in the above video) is Lahing Kayumanggi. Here’s Manila Symphony Orchestra’s performance of San Pedro’s composition:


San Pedro honed his skills in composition by training under Bernard Wagenaar, Vittorio Giannini and also went to Julliard in 1947. Perhaps it is this love for further learning that urged him to enter the teaching vocation. He became a professor at the Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines Diliman, Centro Escolar University and even taught nearly all of the big conservatories of music in Manila during his time. He became a chairman of UP College of Music’s Composition and Conducting Department. A year after he retired (1978), he was conferred the title of Professor Emeritus (1979).

He died in 2002 of cardiac arrest. He was 89 years old.

Here are some of the designs that were inspired by his music.

During the tribute, which was hosted by Rachel Alejandro, Freeway also announced the winners for the bag design contest that they held. Here they are. (Click the images to view larger photos and enjoy the beautiful details.)

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