Two Paradigms Exhibit at the Picasso Boutique

Last Thursday (May 23, 2013), I had been invited to the opening night of Alab and Raphael Pagarigan’s exhibit called Two Paradigms. Unfortunately, I had a 6-9PM lecture at the College of Saint Benilde so I told my good friend Luna (their eldest sister, whom I have not seen in 2 years!) that I would drop by the next day. The Pagarigan family, including Tatay, was nice enough to have come on the second day as well.

I usually attend either Raphy‘s or Alab’s (whose exhibits I need to import into this blog soon) so witnessing this collaboration was a pleasant first experience for me. Anyway, here are the beautiful art pieces.

Unwritten Promises by Alab. Mixed Media (copper & brass wire, epoxy, resin).
Here are some of the parts up close:

And then at the center of the gallery:

Diptych: Day and Night by Alab. Mixed Media (copper & brass wire, epoxy, fabric). The pair already got sold, I think even before the exhibit opened.

What Is It Like Up There? by Alab. Mixed Media (copper & brass wire, epoxy, resin). Luna told me that this represents Alab, and that he’s asking Nanay (who passed away last year, bless her soul) this contemplative question.

I also always sort of expect some special kind of shadow to be cast from here. Like so:

Raphy’s works were actually located at the lobby and not inside the Altro Mondo space on the 4th floor. It was also the first time for me to see that Raphy not doing painting.

Rebekah by Raphy. Mixed Media (stainless steel, acrylic, epoxy).

These ones lined the corridor. Also by Raphy.

When my friend Jojo and I decided to have dinner, we saw the entire set much better. We also had fun arguing about what each work depicted. It wasn’t until Tatay showed us a negative version of these works that we saw that we were both correct.

Here Tatay explains Alab’s creative process to Jojo.

We almost missed another one of Raphy’s. It was located right in front of the elevator.

Ruth. Mixed Media (stainless steel, acrylic, epoxy).

I seriously want Raphy’s triptych and Alab’s diptych but each piece of Raphy’s costs about 80K, making it 240K for the entire set. The diptych is 120K each, which makes the entire set also 240K.

Haha! One day, I shall afford you, my pretties! You will line the walls of my conference room and you will distract my programmers to high heavens while the designers create games in their heads as they behold your beauty. Libre mangarap.

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