The P100-A-Day Challenge Part 3: Merienda

Finally, after many digressions, the third part is up!
Continued from The P100-A-Day Challenge Part 2: Lunch.
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I must admit, merienda was never quite as exciting as lunch for me, especially since I started cooking during the second half of this challenge. And I also just realized, that I started doing this P100-A-Day Challenge in August of 2012. Whew, I never thought I could sustain my love for kitchen experiments for as long as this. Ten years ago, I only knew 2 dishes: chicken a la king and beef stroganoff. Now I had actually forgotten how to make them.

Anyhoo, I digress again. As I mentioned, merienda wasn’t quite as adventurous since we only had 30 minutes of merienda break back when I was still working for Anino Games. The only places that provided quick snacks were the Jallijeep and 7-11.  Aaaaand my boss Mac (the COO) who loved to bake goodies whenever he’s stricken by insomnia at 3AM.

Here’s one of the things he gave me when he came in extra early.

It’s some combination of chocolate chips and peanut butter. Oh goodness, if there’s any other reason for me to return to Anino Games, it would either be for this or for the great environment. Damn Mac, he’d always post his baked goodies on his wall and tag me. T___T

Anyway, for the things I buy.

This I got from 7-11. It’s about P50ish and is made up of dark chocolate and coffee cream center. See, I can make this last for a week because I’m not a huge fan of chocolate. It’s good enough to give me that boost for my last hour of work.

Pinoy-style spaghetti from the Jallijeep. This is worth P20.

I’m not really a fan of turon but when I have splurged for lunch or plan to splurge for dinner, it would have to do. This is around P12.

If I wanted something more filling though, I’d have this:

Also P12 at Jallijeep. Thing is, I tend to compare this with the banana cues they sell at UP Diliman. For the same price, UP Diliman’s versions (everywhere in UP) would have an extra half banana. Haha. Don’t knock it because that half banana counts, especially when you are ultra famished!

(At this point, I was scolded by my mom because of the sugar content and the possible recycled cooking oil used.)

Banana chips from Villa Socorro Farm. They serve this at Sinangag Express and it’s really yummmm! Too bad it’s kinda small. Bitin!!! It costs around P20 if I remember correctly.

Yikes, the last three are all banana snacks! Anyhoo, if you want healthier snacks for around the same price range of P12-25, you can buy yourself some fresh apples (and even fresh bananas, haha). They sell fresh fruits at 7-11, though their green mangoes and pomelo slices are kinda expensive.

EDIT 2.22.2013: I can’t believe I forgot to upload this cheese waffle from Waffle Time. I always grab one of these whenever I run to UP. It’s only about P10 and if you double it, it’s filling enough.

Aaaand I’m repeating this here (though it has been featured in Part 2). It’s the most expensive I’ve listed and is good enough to pull you through the hours before dinner. Hehe. Bought this at SM Hypermarket’s bread area in Makati Avenue.

Well so far that’s it for the things I bought for merienda. I don’t prepare my own snacks, unfortunately. Whenever I try preparing snacks, they end up so filling that they’ve become main meals.

Like these sandwiches I made (became dinner):

Smoked chicken, melted cheddar cheese and organic lettuce on wheat bread. I love how fresh and crunchy these are. I’ve actually found my second favorite kind of lettuce (next to arugula), these are romaine and it seems I can only find them in Shopwise. Every other grocery I go to only sell those organic red and green leaf lettuce types that easily wilt.

Anyhoo, that’s it for now.

Up next: The P100-A-Day Challenge: Dinner.


  1. Raymund Aaron

    April 23, 2013 at 5:05 am

    Hi! This is Raymund Aaron from Villa Socorro Farm. Thanks for trying out our banana chips with this challenge.

    Just wanted to let you know that we also have 100g packs but that would set you back a little bit more at around Php32-Php40 depending on where you buy it.

    Thanks again!

  2. skysenshi

    April 23, 2013 at 9:42 am

    Hello Raymund! Thanks for the information! Where can we find the bigger packs?

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