Timezone with my brothers and sister (Sibs Play Day Part 2)

:: Continued from Sibs Play Day Part 1: Laser Tag.

One of the things I required of my brother Tim, before I completely agreed to go Laser Tagging is for him to play Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) with me at Timezone.

The reason for this? Well, last week, when we were playing DDR, he was sweating, panting and complaining: “Ate, tama na, di ko na kaya ang hirap!” (Big sister, I can’t take it anymore! This is too difficult!) I literally laughed out loud because I couldn’t believe that my li’l bro, who’s addicted to playing basketball, can’t hack the BEGINNER mode of DDR.

One thing I like about playing with my baby brother, though, is that he’s pretty useful in shooing away those DDR hogs. He doesn’t actually shoo them…but one look at him and those addicts tend to get embarrassed by the fact that they were keeping a little boy from playing. They’d leave as soon as they see Tim lining up for DDR. This tactic was so much better than looking for  bigger, meaner bullies to literally scare away the DDR hoggers.

Anyway, after our Laser Tag session, I told my sibs that I wanted to go to Timezone. It was a great opportunity, since our mom seemed to have finally found a way to get rid of her children — she wasn’t contacting any of us. Hehehe.

First, Tim and I decided to get rid of our thirst. Laser Tag was pretty draining, huh. I also felt a wee bit hungry so I decided to just grab a huge bottle of soya milk while my brother went for freshly blended orange juice. Above photo: Tim waiting for the juicy drink.

After finishing off our refreshments, up to Timezone we went. Weeeeeee!

Tim loves his racing games. This is where he normally spends his Timezone money in, when we let him. Our parents never let us handle money at this age, which was why my sister and I grew up frugal. Play outings like this are a treat. I think Tim is fortunate to have us for older siblings because we can spoil him if we want to.


We only spoil him when he has finished his assignments, the way our parents trained Pau, Alex and me when we were his age.

I asked my other sibs, Pau and Alex to play hoops with me. My sister wasn’t so inclined, since she thinks she sucks at B-ball. Well, I suck, too. It’s just that I think the exercise is good for my arms. It was Pau who accompanied me.

I’d shoot hoops with Tim but I was saving his energy for something bigger. Hehe.

Dance Dance Revolution!! I asked Alex to accompany me first, since Tim was still finishing his racing game when we reached the DDR pads. I told her to try the Beginner level first, because it has been a decade since she last played this game.

Well, after a few seconds on the pad, she said that the Beginner level was insulting. So I adjusted her level to Basic. Unfortunately, the song Switch (by Daisuke Asakura and Terra) seemed a little too much for her. I think she nearly burnt out when we got to the third song: Sunkiss Drop (by Jun + Alison), which happens to be my ultimate favorite.

Tim took over for her during the next three round of songs. It was then that Pau figured out that the reason Tim had a difficulty with the pads was that he didn’t know the proper timing.

And so Tim had a coach. A rather enthusiastic one, too. Wakokokoko!

I wonder what people thought about this weird bunch, goofing around the DDR. Heh. I’m actually only on the Basic level. I want to work entire body out (I jump even when I don’t need to), not kill myself on the machine. Some people on Expert mode don’t seem to move too much already as their feet appear to be stapled on the dance pads. Plus, the moves are no longer as dance-y when your feet are required to fly so fast.

Remember what I said about hogs? Well, my sister had to swipe her Timezone card immediately because there were two dudes that would not let go of the DJ Max Technika. I noticed that the ATC players are much tamer than Glorietta’s, but they don’t seem to know when to stop.

Glorietta Timezone had to implement a maximum of three swipes per player because of hogs.

There’s one thing I miss about the addicts of Glorietta Timezone, though. Those big, scary dudes actually sing — in small falsetto voices — to Sunkiss Drop. XD

Time Crisis is one of the games I like playing with any of my siblings. Tim seems to enjoy this, too.

But what I enjoy the best are shooting games that let me sit. No matter how cheesy or old the game is.

Like House of the Dead II. Pau told me that I looked scary in here so he had to take two photos. I still looked scary. I guess I was dead serious about killing green-blooded zombies.

This was our last game. We wound down by visiting National Bookstore. As with my high school friends, my siblings and I always found refuge in bookstores. We then texted our mom that it was time to remember her kids. Hehehe.

Our last few photos of Play Day:


Tim, Pau and Alex

Me and Tim


  1. mom

    September 13, 2010 at 7:20 am

    Non-stop review of the “bonding time” (as Tim calls it) last Sunday and trip to Don Bosco today, Monday – by the youngest member of the team.

  2. skysenshi

    September 13, 2010 at 7:23 am

    Hahahaha! He really likes bonding with the sibs. Pau is itching to do this again and I think we should do this more often.

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