Red Mango with Caloi and Dan H.

Super late post. Last Friday, Caloi, Dan H. and I went to watch Inception after attending Robert’s exhibit at Tin-Aw Gallery. We got to Greenbelt 3 early, though, so we decided to have yogurt while waiting it out. We usually go to Red Mango for this, since it’s the nearest to the cinemas.

It’s not very obvious here, but Caloi ordered a large serving, which is twice as huge as mine. It has two swirls. Mine is the closest to the camera. It’s green tea flavor with kiwi and almond bits. Unlike Golden Spoon, which has the largest selection of flavors among all the yogurt places I’ve been to, Red Mango only has two flavors: regular and green tea. I love their green tea, which is about P5 more expensive than the regular.

Their prices are standard, P80 for small servings of regular yogurt, P85 for small servings of green tea and P20 per topping.

Hm. The only thing that bothers me sometimes is how the interiors are so red. It’s not too relaxing at night.

(Oh and there was a little birdie that got stuck inside. I couldn’t take a photo of it because Dan decided to chase after it to let it go outside. Unfortunately, when the bird was free enough to fly, it bumped into one of the glass walls and fell. Poor birdie! T.T)

Takaw! Dami kinain oh!

If it doesn’t have two swirls of yogurt, it’s not Caloi’s.



  1. anna

    February 3, 2011 at 1:35 am

    I'm addicted to red mango. not because of the yogurt but because of the Almond Mochi. 🙂

    I sent the package na pala.

  2. skysenshi

    February 3, 2011 at 2:28 am

    Yup! I just received it yesterday. Pi-picturan ko muna then sisimulan ko na. Hihihi! 😀

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